Make University Life A Little Easier With Shareagift

Starting University can be an extremely daunting and stressful experience, you will most likely be moving to a new area, living with people you have never met before, having to absorb a lot of new information, and having to support yourself financially for the first time.

No matter how prepared you think you are for University there are always things that crop up that you haven’t budgeted for. You will most likely be given a reading list from each lecturer of books that you need to read during your module, many of which can often cost a lot of money. There will be things that after living on your own for a few days you will realise you need to buy, like earplugs to drown out the noise of the loud snorer next door, a tin opener (one of the most essential tools for any university student), or an internet cable because the Wi-Fi doesn’t quite reach your room.


Through Shareagift you can set up a student page and add your parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and any other family members that have said if you need any help just let us know. You can then send a message to them all by commenting on your page when you need to buy something that you haven’t budgeted for, and they can add the funds to your pot.

Once you have been living with in either halls or a house for a while you will most certainly decide that you need to buy a few things for the place to make it look a bit nicer. Or perhaps you were getting ready to go out and someone spilt wine all over the sofa which now needs replacing because you can’t get the stains or the smell out. Shareagift makes it easy for housemates to collect all their money in one place, you can see who has paid what and then withdraw all the funds in one go when you are ready to buy what you need.


So, you have been at University for a few months now and in the first few weeks you decided to join the football team. Every year they go on a week away where you meet and play against other university teams. The only issue is that somehow you have found yourself in charge of collecting everyone’s money and paying for the trip. With Shareagift you can create a page for the trip, post the link on your team’s Facebook page and ask everyone to go on and pay. You will be able to easily see who has paid what, and all the money will be kept in a safe and secure location until the time comes when you need to withdraw the funds and pay for the trip.

It’s your housemate’s birthday and you want to throw a big house-party for them, the only problem is that the monthly bills have just come out and you’re running really low on funds until the next instalment of your student loan comes in. With Shareagift you can create a private page and invite their friends via email to join the group and contribute some money towards decorating the house, buying the food and drink, and getting them an amazing gift.


So for those of you heading to Univserity over the next few weeks don’t forget to keep Shareagift in mind when you need help with collecting funds for a trip, throwing an amazing event, buying ear plugs to drown out your neighbours snoring, or replacing a stain covered sofa!


Unusual University Clubs

The university experience is largely about finding yourself as an individual, but the bustling campuses of colleges are also the best locations to join a selection of weird and wonderful groups. In such groups, members are united in a common goal by particularly mundane or strikingly unusual pursuits. We’ve picked our five top unusual university groups and societies so you don’t have to witness the horror of typing “weird groups” into Google.

Students Against Hippies In Trees, U.C Berkeley


The thing about those hippies is that they are always up trees. One of the more unnecessarily political active university groups, this club is unsettlingly passionate about supporting the university’s decision to cut down trees on the campus. The aforementioned ‘hippies’ object to the felling. The group have even stepped up their operations from battling tree-hugging hippies to taking on those hippies sitting pretty at the top of those battle-scarred trees.

Hummus Society, University of Warwick and London School of Economics

Do you need a tasting evening university experience with over forty different types of hummus to go with a top degree classification? Then these two groups might be the best places for you. Yes, there are two of these groups in British universities. And my football club can’t even get another people together to make a team most Monday nights…

Anarchist Society, University of Edinburgh 

Uni 2

First rule of Anarchist Club? Question why we have created an organisation. University anarchist groups might be expected to be vigorously active, but this society mostly devotes itself to consuming radical literature together.

Humans v Zombies, University of Florida


Humans v Zombies is a society that has been set up in order to enable its members to experience a simulated zombie apocalypse. It is essentially a giant game of tag with a backdrop of students and campus buildings, where participants are split into humans and zombies. Humans can protect themselves from the zombie hoard with nerf guns and socks (everyone’s weapons of choice). Crucially, this society has confirmed that they will defend the campus if an actual zombie apocalypse breaks out!

Assassins Society, Durham University

In this group you are assigned a target and you have to ‘kill’ them without being noticed. In fact, the club bio proudly declares that “membership requires skill, cunning and alertness. Some members turn into cool, calm, collected and ruthlessly efficient killing machines, whereas others become jibbering wrecks, torn apart by paranoia, lying awake at night huddled close to their excessive arsenal of destructive weaponry”.