Top 5 Embarrassing Wedding Moments!

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Some weddings are never forgotten with time because of how embarrassing certain moments turn out to be. You can only hope that one of these embarrassing moments don’t ever happen to you.

1. Bride’s Skirt Falls Down

Everything went on well for this couple until the Bittersweet Symphony started playing along. With photographers all around, the bride tripped on her skirt, leaving her completely exposed. This didn’t stop the camera rolling and the bride fled the scene. The wedding took place as planned but was delayed by a few hours.

2. Pastor discusses the bride’s virginity

At one particular wedding, the Pastor enlightened the guests about how the bride was a virgin and the groom was not. Questions later arose about how the pastor was well-informed regarding the couple’s sexual life. Nevertheless, the wedding guests had a good laugh and the couple’s wedding is still talked about for this very reason.


3. Best man forgets the wedding ring

The groom holds his hand out for the wedding ring, which is when everyone starts to frantically check their pockets for the ring. But, a semi-naked roller skater with Superman underpants saved the day. He skated his way down the aisle and handed the ring over to the groom with a Superman pose.


4. Groom messes up his vows

Pressure got to the groom who suffered a slip of the tongue and said ‘Waffle Wedded Wife’ instead of ‘lawfully wedded wife.’ Meanwhile, the bride lost her composure and started laughing out loud. It did take a few moments to calm down the bride and the guests until things resumed back to normal.

5. Pastor forgets the most important line

When the pastor forgot to say, ‘You may now kiss the bride’, there was an odd silence for the next few minutes. The guests just waited in silence as they were unsure of what to do. The bride and groom waited patiently and the groom leaned in and finally kissed the bride. The pastor still didn’t realise what he had forgotten though.


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15 Cheap, Fun Things To Do Together This Weekend!

Whether you’re spending the weekend with family, meeting up with friends or planning a romantic weekend with your partner, we have compiled a list of 15 cheap, fun things to do with others this weekend.

1- Go on a joint bike ride

Dust those bikes off, throw on your helmet and a pair of shades and ride off together into the sunset.


2 – Have a romantic dinner

There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit meal in the garden with the sunset as a backdrop.

3 – Go on a picnic lunch

Picnics are underrated! There’s nothing better than laying in the park on a sunny day with a glass of pimms and tub of strawberries.

4 – Play board games in the garden

Get your competitive head on! Whether you’re buying up the board on Monopoly or guessing the killer in Cluedo they make for a great afternoon.

5 – Have a bonfire

A bonfire can be a great piece of evening entertainment; singing songs together and roasting marshmallows you will feel like your back at scout camp!


6 – Pick fruit

Go hunting for fruit for your picnic, throughout the summer all sorts of wild berries can be found just waiting to be picked.

7 – Go fishing

Grab your rods and head down to the local lake or seafront and spend the day chilling in the sun and catching fish.


8 – Go to the beach

Grab your deckchairs and head to the nearest sandy shore to relax and bask in the summer heat.

9 – Plant a garden

Brighten up your gardens with some new plants or decorations. If you don’t have one, hanging baskets and flower boxes are a great alternative.

10 – Clean out the shed

Clear out all that old rubbish and give the shed a good old spruce up.

11 – Watch the sunset together

Lying in the garden with a couple of glasses of wine and the sun-setting overhead, the perfect way to end any summer day.


12 – Go Swimming

Head down to your nearest out door pool to cool down and catch some rays!

13 – Take some photos

Photos always look better when the sun is shining! Get everyone together for that family portrait you’ve been longing to take or get some good old nature pics.

14 – Have a boot sale

A great way to get rid of unwanted things and make some money at the same time. Have a garden sale and collect money from friends or head to your nearest boot sale and get selling to the public!

15 – Groupfund a day out

Treat a friend or family member to a memorable experience by group saving with friends towards something special. There are hundreds of summer activities and group gifts to save towards from cream teas to hot air balloon rides. Spend some time this weekend thinking of someone close to you who deserves to be treated to a day out and use Shareagift to collect money online with friends to fund an unforgettable experience!

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