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Save With Shareagift Towards … An Office Party

It’s always the same story, a colleague’s birthday is coming up but no one wants to have to put the effort into organising a present, let alone a night out. It is time for you to step up to the plate and become the new office organiser! Too much on your plate? Or are you just trying to avoid having to hassle people to contribute to a birthday fund. Fear not! We are here for all your office party planning needs! We have put together the ultimate guide to help you pull off a great birthday for any colleague, making you look super organised and the new social butterfly of the office!

The Gift

When planning for a birthday the first thing to do is chose a gift so that you know what sort of budget you need to aim for. This alone can take a while as finding the perfect gift is not a quick job. With so many different gifting websites it’s easy to get lost in the sheer amount of birthday gifts that are out there. Two websites that are great and have a mix of fun, interesting and different gifts are notonthehighstreet.com and thegreatgiftcompany. You can find anything from a USB fridge to a personalised word search iPad cover, or even a novelty pug mask, if that’s their sort of thing. Keep an eye on our gift of the week posts for gift inspiration.


The Location

The next big decision is where to hold the night out, do you go for a quiet meal and a few glasses of wine or to a extravagant club with booming music and a huge dance floor? We always like discovering new places and a work night out can be the perfect excuse to take everyone to that new bar that you’ve wanted to visit. If you’re planning on heading to London for the night there are so many great places just waiting to be discovered. Designmynight.com is a great little website that showcases interesting and different events and venues, some of the places that caught our eye were The Candlelit Club, Little Nan’s Cocktail Den and The Fu Manchu Bar! For something a little different and chilled out head over to the board game cafe that has just opened up in London, check out our review here. If none of these take your fancy and you feel like really getting stuck check out our summer birthday parties blog for more inspiration.


To ensure that you make the most of the night out, whilst keeping in mind that you are with your work colleagues, follow these simple rules.


  • Talk to everyone. A night out is a great opportunity to mingle with co-workers that you wouldn’t necessarily get to speak to on a daily basis. This will not only help you to get to know different people but will also allow you to understand what everyone does, giving you a better understanding of the company.
  • Talk to senior staff. You may not always get the opportunity at work to talk to those who are higher up the ladder than you. A night out is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and get yourself known within the higher ranks.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try too hard or worry too much about the evening, just enjoy yourself! 

Work nights out shouldn’t be an issue, there’s always a danger that you may say or do something that could reflect your working reputation. Avoid the following to ensure you don’t ruin the evening for yourself.


  • Drink too much. You don’t want to ruin your reputation at work by having one too many drinks and doing something stupid. Keep your cool and know when enough is enough.
  • Just talk about work. It can be easy to slip into a conversation about work seeing as it is a common subject between you and your colleagues. Try to find common interests that don’t revolve around your working day.
  • Speak to the same group of people. By sticking with the same group all evening you could be seen to be part of a group within the company. Be approachable and try to mingle as much as possible.


Shareagift is the perfect platform to save for a group gift or to fund a work night out. You can collect money online rather than having to traipse around the office and hassle people while they are trying to work. Simply set up a Shareagift page, send the link around the office and everyone can log on and donate whenever they want. A simple, easy and hassle free way to plan the perfect birthday event and make your life a hell of a lot easier!


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Shareagift’s Gift Of The Week: The Neck Tie Pillow

The Neck Tie Pillow

Ever been out and about, on the train or in the office when you have just needed to get a bit of shut eye? Well now you can with the neck tie pillow! Embedded within this tie is an inflatable cushion that will comfort your head and help you get that much needed power nap. A perfect last minute gift for any Dad that is always on the go this Father’s day!


Pillow-Tie-Neck-Tie-400x333Shareagift – Raise cash for anything and everything!

Sitting Will Be The Death Of Us!

Here at Shareagift we are all concerned about the amount of time we all spend sitting in the office, surely this can’t be good for us? We spend a lot of our lives sitting down whether that is on the commute to work, at the office or on the sofa in front of the TV.

Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

A quote from the NHS website states that ‘studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and premature death’. http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/pages/sitting-and-sedentary-behaviour-are-bad for-your-health.aspx.


Researchers looked at 47 studies regarding the relationship between sitting and mortality. Their findings were published last January in the journal Annals Of Internal Medicine. The results showed that people who sit for long periods were 24% more likely to die from health problems compared to people who sat less!

They also found that excessive sitting was associated with:

  • 18% increased risk of dying of cardiovascular disease.
  • 13% increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer.
  • 17% increased risk of dying from cancer.
  • 14% increased risk of being diagnosed with heart problems.
  • 91% increased risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

These are some staggering results, but don’t panic! With the help of the Internet we have produced a list of our top 6 tips for breaking up and avoiding long periods of sitting.


Tips And Tricks That Could Save Your Life!

  1. Fidget! I know your mum told you not to but according to a number of studies this helps to keep the body active and more awake.
  2. Stand on the commute in (if you use public transport, obviously not if your driving to work, that would just be silly).
  3. Hide the remote. If you find yourself engrossed in long periods of TV watching this will ensure you get up every time you want to change channel.
  4. Keep office supplies far away. If you sit behind a desk all day, each time you need to staple that document or write a note you will have to get up from your desk to go find it.
  5. Drink lots! This will ensure you take regular toilet breaks.
  6. Get a dog. This speaks for itself!

Whilst looking for ways in which to reduce our sitting, we stumbled upon a number of amazing and wacky inventions people had come up with to help with this issue. Take a look at the videos of people trying out our favourite ones.

The Treadmill Desk

The Smart Cushion

Of course the most obvious way to avoid sitting is to go out and be active! Don’t forget you can use Shareagift to be active and raise money at the same time! Take a look at our post on Fundraising Gone Mad for some amazing inspiration.

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