Top 5 Incredibly Random Pubs You Must Try This Summer In London!

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As we coast through the summer the pubs get busier and busier with everyone looking for a spot in the sun to enjoy a nice cold beverage. We have put together a list of bars across London that you have to visit with friends this summer. From the top of the Gherkin to an old railway arch in Hackney, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

1 – Moroccan Sky Riad – A Moroccan Skyline Getaway

This bar, which is situated in the top of the Gherkin building, overlooks the London skyline. Although this is a member’s only bar for most of the year, from the last week in July it will be available to the public for 7 weeks. The bar will offer traditional Marrakesh décor and an authentic Moroccan cuisine.


2 – Midnight Apothecary – Marshmallows, Campfires And Cocktails

Every Saturday throughout the summer a secret rooftop garden opens up above Brunel’s Thames Tunnel in Rotherhithe. They offer a mixture of cocktails and with a campfire in the centre where you can toast marshmallows and watch the sun set over the river Thames, it’s the perfect end to any summer’s day in London.


3 – The Toy Shop – Lego Ice Cubes And Revolving BBQ’s

This bright and playfully decorated cocktail bar in Putney offers a wide range of cocktails and food made to be shared with others. The menu has a number of toy and fun themed meals including their signature dish ‘The Toy Shop BBQ’ which is served on a revolving mini BBQ. The cocktails are even stranger with ice cube shaped lego pieces and the house cocktail served in a miniature house with smoking chimney and flashing lights!


4 – Draughts – For Board Game Enthusiasts

This café/pub is located in Hackney and set in an old railway arch. They have a collection of over 500 playable board games to choose from and offer a range of organic and locally sourced meals and an assortment of drinks from fresh coffee to craft beers.


5 – The Little Yellow Door – The Ultimate Living Room Experience

This is a lounge bar located in Notting Hill, styled around a living room. Events are held across the weekend with a Friday night ticketed dinner party and a Saturday night house party. They offer a wide range of cocktails including specials served in teacups, milk bottles and a wide range of other living room accessories. Perfect for groups looking for a more cosy and personalised night out.


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Draughts: London’s First Board Game Café – A Review

Have you ever felt the glorious moment of becoming the monopolist despite all forces working against you? Have you ever had the satisfaction of discovering the murderer and the murder weapon in a few brilliant educated guesses? Or, on the other hand, have you ever been in a heated and passionate battle of trivial knowledge which has resorted to friendships being tested and many a family feud?


Do you also like organic and locally sourced food handmade from fresh produce, craft beers and delightfully fresh coffee? If so, read on.

Describing themselves as a ‘Haven for game lovers’, Draughts opened its doors on 15 November 2014 in the up-and-coming area of Hackney. Set in an old railway arch, the interior is minimalistic and modern with exposed brick adding rustic charm and giving the whole place a chilled bar setting – perfect for when you fancy a quiet night out exploring your inner nerd

They have an extensive library of 500 games which is only growing as time goes on. Whether you fancy something intense and complex like A Game Of Thrones or you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood days with classics like Kerplunk or Hungry Hungry Hippos; Draughts has you covered. Their board games are arranged in useful and logical groups ranked on number of people required, difficulty, time to completion etc. They’ve even created this Board Game Tube Map for when you really can’t decide what to play.

Board Game Tube Map – Taking you wherever you want to go in the board game sphere

If you fancy playing something new and delve into the world of serious board gaming, there are plenty of friendly and engaging board game enthusiasts (a bit like Apple geniuses, but for board games) to help you along the way.


Service is amazing. Even when it was slightly busier, there were plenty of welcoming faces that were happy to bring nibbles and beverages straight to the table. We tried out the Charcuterie Board with freshly made hummus – great to share when you’re tackling the complex mechanics of Blokus. They also have a brilliant selection of drinks from a variety of cocktails, craft beers, coffees and soft drinks to cater for all tastes.

My housemates 'puzzling' over the next stealthy move whilst playing Blokus
My housemates ‘puzzling’ over the next stealthy move whilst playing Blokus

Price-wise, it’s fairly good (for London). £5 per person as a general admission cost for a table that has a time limit of 3 hours for when it is busy; unlimited stay when they are a few spare tables. Which is great if you think about it. A chance to trial out new games from their huge library, learn more about game design or just play some childhood favorites. The cost for food and drink is average for London, £3 – £5 for a beer and about £8 – £10 for a sharing platter. Overall, I spent £20 on a night to (actually) remember.


If you fancy drinking and playing board games in a vibrant space where you can actually make conversation (between the tense glares psyching out your opponents), head to Draughts right down the road from Haggerston Underground for a night to remember. 

To make your trip much easier when splitting the bill at the end of the night, create a Shareagift page today! You can enjoy your evening without worrying about having to split the tab. Just start a group fund or treat your friend to a group gift on Shareagift so that you can enjoy Draughts for the moment and worry about having to collect money online afterwards.