Top 5 Amazing Inventions That You Need In Your Life!

It emerged this week that Samsung has come up with a new invention to reduce the amount of car accidents that occur when drivers try to overtake lorries. The company is introducing a line of safety trucks which will have wireless cameras in the front that project a live picture to a large television built into the back of the truck. Take a look at this video for a preview of how they will look and be used on the road.

We love the idea behind these trucks and set out this week to find our top five inventions that you need in your life!

1 – PaperKarma (The Junk Mail Eliminating App)

From: Apple and Google Play app stores

Price: Free

Tired of receiving more and more junk mail, well fear not! This app allows you to get rid of your unwanted junk mail once and for all! By taking a picture of the junk mail and sending it to the app, it will automatically find out which company it is linked to and remove you from their mailing list!


2 – Scissortape


Price: £37.96

The same thing happens every time you scramble around drawers and cupboards for scissors and tape but you can only ever find one or the other. Now all your wrapping problems are solved with this amazing invention! Although the price is a bit steep, it will save you a lot of time and effort!

3 – Universal Wrapping Paper


Price: £20 for 5 sheets

Universal wrapping paper can be used for all sorts of occasions. The paper includes hidden words, which can be circled for the desired present! No longer will you need more than one roll of wrapping paper and gone are the days of trying to convince friends and family that those Christmas tree shapes on their birthday present are actually party hats.


4 – Showerhead Wireless Speaker


Price: £134.26

This little invention is a wireless speaker that plugs into your shower-head! Now you can enjoy music in the shower without the worry of destroying your phone or radio.


5 – Ultra-Ever Dry


Price varies

Ultra-Ever Dry is a hydrophobic coating, which can completely repel water and many other liquids. Just cover the object in this chemical and Ultra-Ever Dry will create a barrier of air on its surface repelling any liquids! Now you can take anything out on a rainy day and not worry about it getting spoiled!


Know someone that would love one of these? Why not start a Shareagift page for them and start saving towards it! Or if you have an idea for an amazing new invention, then why not start a Shareagift campaign to get some funding and get your idea off the ground!

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MPS Charity Campaign collects over £45k ($74K)

For all of those kind supporters and followers of the campaign to save Jack and other MPS Children, we just wanted to take a moment in the run up to Christmas to let you know how they’re getting on.

For any readers not aware of the history, back in August of this year we helped the MPS Society launch a campaign to raise £600k to help save the lives of children suffering from a rare fatal childhood disease.

As of this morning I’m delighted to report the 7 Shareagift Pages set up to drive the campaign have collectively raised over £46,000 ($74,000) and the word is spreading. Jack’s and Bobby’s Pages have each collected over £14,000 alone thanks to the generosity of the general public and effect of people sharing their stories.

The MPS Society have now raised over £145,000 in total, with amazing efforts from friends and family fundraising, and from strangers, members of the public who have seen the Shareagift campaign and offered to contribute – including one incredibly generous one-off donation of £25,000.

As Christmas is a time of year that’s about family and gift-giving, we’re really touched to see so many people reaching out to give something to a stranger. And almost more importantly, we’re incredibly grateful for the effort of people sharing these stories. It’s one of the most gratifying benefits of the social web, and of the way we see people using our site, that they share stories with one another – and, without trying to sound too twee, just by sharing these stories, they are helping these children on the way to a better future.


Cashing in your worst ever Christmas gifts!

Would you swap 3 unwanted gifts for an iPod this Christmas? (Yep, so would we ;))

According to a Gumtree survey last year we’re likely to get at least two unwanted gifts this Christmas worth as much as £48 each.

So, applying a terribly complicated algorithm (dividing the sum of the problem by a bakers dozen, taking away the square root of X-box and adding a pinch of salt) we worked out that if you took just 3 of these unwanted gifts, and put their value together as a group gift you’d have £144 and could buy yourself an iPod instead.

As an addendum to this brilliant idea, we had a whip-round the office this afternoon to check out some of our worst unwanted Christmas gifts, and here are the top 5:

Shareagift Team’s worst ever Christmas gifts:

  • Black and Decker drill bit
  • Grow your own boyfriend
  • Fetus cookie cutter (no joke, receiver was pregnant at the time)
  • Twat mug (this is contentious – I love this gift)
  • A home-made shoe

So there you have it. If you want to avoid unwrapping a novelty baking instrument come December 25th, we suggest you get onto Shareagift immediately and ask your friends and family to chip in for what you really want!

The Shareagift Worst Christmas Gift Gallery:

This stunning X53242 tile and glass drill bit could be yours for just £2.99
If you don't have a handsome man to snuggle up with to this Christmas, this novelty boyfriend is sure to make you feel much more secure and emotionally stable during the holiday period
If you don’t have a handsome man to snuggle up with to this Christmas, this novelty boyfriend is sure to make you feel much more secure and emotionally stable during the holiday period
Apparently this is acceptable...
Apparently this is acceptable…
Or, yes, if you're really lucky, and you've been immaculately behaved all year long, it's just possible Santa might leave a pair of these designer footwear items in your stocking this year ;)
Or, yes, if you’re really lucky, and you’ve been immaculately behaved all year long, it’s just possible Santa might leave a pair of these designer footwear items in your stocking this year 😉

Black Friday facts that blew our brains out!

Yep, it’s that time of year again… and no, we’re not talking about carving up the turkey and breaking out the pecan pie… We’re about to launch ourselves head first into prime time deal season people, and the predictions coming out for this years haul are astonishing.

Black Friday, the name given to the day after Thanksgiving, is traditionally known as the start of the Christmas shopping season, and since 2005 has consistently proved to be the busiest shopping day of the year. Now, hot off the heels of Black Friday, we also have Cyber Monday – an event created by companies to encourage people to shop online. Consumers spent over $1.2 billion online on Cyber Monday in 2011, and a whopping $52 billion over the Black Friday weekend. Yes, billion. (Sources: ComScore & National Retail Federation)

Consumer electronics most popular gifts

Consumer electronics nearly always top the most-wanted list for holiday gifts and this is never more clearly reflected than on these two mammoth shopping days. Indeed the top 10 products bought on Black Friday alone last year consisted exclusively of consumer electronic goods:

  1. PlayStation
  2. Samsung LED TV
  3. Xbox
  4. LeapPad tablet
  5. Canon SLR Digital Camera
  6. iPod Touch
  7. MacBook Pro 13”
  8. Canon EOS Digital Camera
  9. iPad 2
  10. Nintendo Wii

This year is predicted to follow suit. Consumers plan to spend, on average, $252 on consumer electronics this year, with over 75% of gift-giving adults expecting to buy electronics as a gift (Source: Consumer Electronics Association study).

In 2012 smartphones are also expected to sneak their way into the top 10 with Apple alone predicted to sell 46.5 million iPhones in Q4 2012 (Source:

Trend of buying Consumer Electronics as Group Gifts

The great news for us is that we’re also seeing an increasing trend for people buying those coveted consumer electronics as group gifts. 40% of Shareagift Pages created for Christmas have been for laptop computers, 27% for Tablets, with other popular items including SmartPhones or iPods. In the last two weeks in the run up to Thanksgiving the number of Shareagift Pages being created on the site has increased by a massive 76% as people gear up for the holiday season.

So if you’ve been hazily dreaming about a new MacBook Pro all year, you want to get your best friend that Kindle, or the kids are desperate for an Xbox for Christmas, we can help! Create your Gift Page for the product and invite friends and family to chip in and share the cost. Because although we’re thrilled to have people using Shareagift for every gift imaginable, clearly this time of year it’s all about those pricey electronics – and what better way to get them than by giving them as a gift together.

Click here to return to Shareagift and start your Christmas Gift Page!


Friends already using Shareagift for Christmas!

I know, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet, but we’re already excited as we’re just starting to see the first few Shareagift Pages created by some of you super-organised peeps planning ahead for Christmas!

Company Shareagift Pages for Christmas

The Actors Touring Company have already started a Shareagift Page for their company Christmas Stocking! They need to buy an expensive piece of filming equipment so they can filem their tours in 2013 and decided Shareagift would be the perfect way to do it. Good luck guys, we hope you get all the funds you need :).

Friends & Family Sharegift Pages for Christmas

The lovely Tara, just created her Shareagift Page for a brand new Macbook Pro laptop computer from her family as a way for her family and friends to afford the gift she really wants – and she’s already collected $200 towards it!

School & Teachers Shareagift Pages for Christmas

Last year we had an amazing response from people setting up Shareagift Pages to collect from parents towards class gifts for teachers. The most popular items we noticed were gift vouchers – for major stores or spas, so the teachers could choose for themselves. We haven’t seen any pop up for this Christmas yet, but we’re keeping an eye out 😉

The beauty about Shareagift is that you can use it collect money for absolutely anything – from that perfect gift, to charity fundraising, to sharing the cost of a group trip – so what are we waiting for – Christmas is only 61 days away!

Shareagift for your online retail business

We know it’s the end of August. We know the Olympics just hit us all hard. We know sales are slow. What’s the great thing about September though? It’s only a few months till Christmas!

What’s the good thing about Christmas? Besides all the food, friends, family and gifts, online sales are at their annual peak. The had to say this:

“British shoppers spent a total of £7.9bn online in

December, a 16.5pc increase compared with the 2010

Christmas period.”

What percentage of annual sales do the holidays represent for retailers? For some online shops, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 25-40% of annual sales.

As an online retailer, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this. Well, I’m going to let you know. Shareagift offers a plugin widget that allows you to offer your customers the option to purchase your products, services, experience days, travel arrangements and whatever else you offer, as group purchased gifts.

Customers simply click “start group gift” and then can create a gift page through the Shareagift service that allows them to share your products and your brand with their friends and families across their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) as well as email contacts. When they raise the money for your product, they simply collect it and purchase it from you. Sounds simple right? Well that’s because it is.

Here’s a link to a gift page that has successfully raised the full amount.

What our group gifting widget can offer to your online business is several major advantages:

1.  It helps to drive sales of your higher ticket price items

2.  It spreads your brand and products across your customer’s social networks (Gift Pages are shared with an average of 10 friends)

3.  Allows you to convert abandoned baskets into group sales

4.  Monetize your customer’s wish lists

So what are you waiting for? Email for more details, and to get started. Visit to see how it works for yourself as well. Let us help you get your sales back on track, and while you’re at it, help your customers get what they really want for the holiday season this year.