Top 5 Weirdest Fundraising Campaigns From Across The World!

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We have a lot of people use Shareagift to collect funds online for fundraising events which range from sponsored cycles to skydives. If you are looking for something a bit different to do in order to raise money then check out the following 5 weird and wonderful fundraising campaigns for some inspiration.

Naked Ziplining

Four years ago the ‘Bare in the Air’ campaign was launched in Canada to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Four years later and the campaign is still going strong! Each year women have taken to the skies in a naked ziplining event which sees them fly across the forest in barely anything! This event has become a tradition in Peachland, Canada with more and more women flocking to the event each year.


This annual event raises money for the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. For the past seven years the bacon-fest has seen people from across America attend this event for all things bacon. There are a number of bacon themed contests which include the best bacon themed t-shirt, who can eat the most bacon and who can cook the best bacon themed recipe!

Plate of bacon

Condon Couture

This fundraising campaign raises money for the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Centre in America and is a fashion show featuring clothing made entirely of condoms. In it’s third year the show tries to creatively promote awareness of sexual and reproductive health. This year the outfits are Hollywood themed and they are even throwing an exclusive VIP pre and after party. Let’s just hope the dresses stay intact!

Condom Fashion Show

Spider Cage

Nick Le Souef decided that he was going to live in a shop window for three weeks with 400 spiders to raise money for a children’s charity in Australia. He was trapped in with redbacks, bird eating spiders, black house spiders and some white tailed spiders to name but a few of the breeds. After spending three weeks in a snake pit and a shark tank he saw this as the next step on his fear factor journey!

Nick Le Souef and his spider

Flamingo Fields

To raise money for their youth ministry an American church came up with a great prank to help raise some much needed funds. They managed to get hold of 144 plastic flamingos and went around each night placing them all in a garden of a selected church member. In the morning they would turn up at the house and ask for donations and then move on to the next house. The idea was so popular that when the church had finished pranking its member’s people started making donations to hire the flamingos for the night to decorate their gardens when they were throwing parties or special events!

plastic flamingos

If this has given you a great fundraising idea then head over to Shareagift and start raising money today! We provide an easy to use platform to help you collect money online for anything and everything from fundraising projects to events and group gifts.


Charity And Narcissism

Social media is a great tool for sharing moments with your friends and loved ones and has catapulted international communication to a level never seen before. It has also raised the profile of many worthy causes such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease with the Ice Bucket Challenge which has seen the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association increase the size of its donations from $2.7m to $98.2m within just a year.

George Bush’s #ALSIcebucketChallenge

But where is the line between genuinely caring about a worthy cause and promoting yourself through social media? Did Michelle Keegan really wear make-up for her #nomakeupselfie? Is the #nomakeupselfie just trivializing breast cancer?

Before/After #NoMakeupSelfie
Before/After #NoMakeupSelfie

Some people argue that despite all the controversy surrounding online viral fundraising campaigns, the end goal of raising money is still achieved and organisations benefiting from the influx of donations such as ALSA and Cancer Research can go on to do a better job with the cash that they have raised.


However, one of the main worries for non-profit organisations is that interest in these causes is just a flash in the pan and donations will start to falter once again. Post-#nomakeupselfie and #ALSicebucketchallenge, charities are still fighting to survive another day.


So what can we do? Take action. Do something about it. It’s easy to set up a ShareAGift page and invite friends to donate. Take a look at the stories and testimonials from past fundraisers that have proven to be huge successes from Jamey and Willow to name just a few. Here at ShareAGift, we believe that no cause is too small. You can easily collect funds online and share your worthy cause.


Sitting Will Be The Death Of Us!

Here at Shareagift we are all concerned about the amount of time we all spend sitting in the office, surely this can’t be good for us? We spend a lot of our lives sitting down whether that is on the commute to work, at the office or on the sofa in front of the TV.

Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

A quote from the NHS website states that ‘studies have linked excessive sitting with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and premature death’. for-your-health.aspx.


Researchers looked at 47 studies regarding the relationship between sitting and mortality. Their findings were published last January in the journal Annals Of Internal Medicine. The results showed that people who sit for long periods were 24% more likely to die from health problems compared to people who sat less!

They also found that excessive sitting was associated with:

  • 18% increased risk of dying of cardiovascular disease.
  • 13% increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer.
  • 17% increased risk of dying from cancer.
  • 14% increased risk of being diagnosed with heart problems.
  • 91% increased risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

These are some staggering results, but don’t panic! With the help of the Internet we have produced a list of our top 6 tips for breaking up and avoiding long periods of sitting.


Tips And Tricks That Could Save Your Life!

  1. Fidget! I know your mum told you not to but according to a number of studies this helps to keep the body active and more awake.
  2. Stand on the commute in (if you use public transport, obviously not if your driving to work, that would just be silly).
  3. Hide the remote. If you find yourself engrossed in long periods of TV watching this will ensure you get up every time you want to change channel.
  4. Keep office supplies far away. If you sit behind a desk all day, each time you need to staple that document or write a note you will have to get up from your desk to go find it.
  5. Drink lots! This will ensure you take regular toilet breaks.
  6. Get a dog. This speaks for itself!

Whilst looking for ways in which to reduce our sitting, we stumbled upon a number of amazing and wacky inventions people had come up with to help with this issue. Take a look at the videos of people trying out our favourite ones.

The Treadmill Desk

The Smart Cushion

Of course the most obvious way to avoid sitting is to go out and be active! Don’t forget you can use Shareagift to be active and raise money at the same time! Take a look at our post on Fundraising Gone Mad for some amazing inspiration.

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