Meet the Team

The Shareagift Team includes:

Justine Angelli, CEO & Founder @justineangelli – sassy entrepreneur, chocolate-loving, Jimmy Choo-wearing, utterly spoiling and known to bring us all to tears laughing in the office – all round blonde bombshell of a boss.

Jonathan Midgley, CTO @manxmidge – dev genius and super social media guru neatly disguised as a motorbike-riding, trendy-dressing, Soho-House hanging super-cool Daddy to two of the most gorgeous little girls you ever saw.

Adrita Bhor, Director of Engineering, North America – Adrita is an ex-Microsoft tech genius, besotted mother, Olympic chatter, general all-round whizz kid and life and soul of our Silicon Valley office.

José Cardoso, Senior Graphic Designer – award-winning designer, branding king, coffee connoisseur, perfect Portuguese slice of sunshine and able to re-create the exact mating call of the reclusive ‘Avis Rarus’ bird (which will shock the living daylights out of you on a Monday morning).

Tessa Pettman, Head of Marketing & Business Development @tessapettman- Tess if you prefer – Marketing maiden and Biz Dev damsel (90% without distress), professional light-gifter, and world expert in the art of ‘Keeping it civ’ (feel free to unravel that bit of bio at your leisure, answers on a postcard please).