Kaye’s Friends Raise Cash to Send Her to Bali and Sydney

At Shareagift we have a wonderful time discovering all the causes and experiences that our users raise cash for. One brilliant example is Kaye. In celebration of Kaye’s 50th birthday this year (happy birthday!), her sister-in-law, Jacky, created a Shareagift page in order to collect funds to enable Kaye to fulfill her dream of visiting a spa retreat in Bali and travelling to beautiful Sydney. What a birthday gift!

Kaye 1

Jacky and Kaye’s friends originally intended to raise sufficient cash to fund her hotel and spa in Bali. However, in less than two weeks, Kaye’s friends raised over £1,200, which was more than double the original target!

Not only that, but Jacky also referred to Shareagift as a “virtual piggybank” – and we think that this term is a pretty cool way of describing what the website does.

kaye 2

All that is left is for Kaye to revel in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, relax in an idyllic spa and take in the breathtaking scenery of Bali before jetting off to Sydney to immerse herself in the bright lights of the city. Sounds all right to me.

We, at Shareagift, hope that you have an incredible time Kaye!

If you dream of far-off shores, don’t leave it at just that – dreams. Collect funds with Shareagift and you too can breathe in the sites and sounds of the tropics!

How to Crowd Fund your Party with Shareagift

This is one of my favourite user stories of 2012.

Back in September of last year, the delightful Gráinne (who I have had the pleasure of speaking to many times) decided she wanted to to organise a once in a lifetime surprise party for her husband, Andreas’, 50th birthday. Happily for us, she came across Shareagift online and used our site to crowd-fund the party, inviting his friends and family to contribute to one really special evening.

Gráinne collected over €800 to her Shareagift Page, so she could organise a private ‘party bus‘ to take her, Andreas and 30 of their friends around the city. Collecting funds from friends around the world over several months, Gráinne kept the whole thing a secret from Andreas, so it was a total surprise when he arrived to find his name lit up in lights on the bus and all his friends there ready to celebrate with him.

Gráinne surprises Andreas on the big day!
Gráinne surprises Andreas on the big day!

I gather it was a beautifully raucous affair! Complete with champagne and dancing and general merriment – in that wonderfully Irish tradition – followed by a spoiling dinner at one of their favourite Irish pub afterwards. Gráinne even sent us an amazing video of the party bus afterwards so we could get a flavour of the evening – it looked like epic fun indeed, and no doubt a sore head or two the following day 😉

The Party Bus makes its way around Paris!
The Party Bus makes its way around Paris!

We were all horribly jealous in the office to hear about their amazing adventure, but thrilled to have been able to help along the way. Gráinne, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your time and your contributions – you gave us some awesome ideas and some invaluable feedback – and we’ve loved being in touch with you.

Thank you to Johannes Berghoff for letting us use his brilliant photos to tell the story, and Gráinne for your kind words to our team after the event:

“Just a short email to say a BIG thank you for a super website, and a super idea. Andreas’s surprise 50th birthday was a huge success, and it was a huge help to me to have found your website and have everyone contribute to what ended up being quite a costly evening. But it was definitely worth it! Many thanks to you, and to your team for all your help, quick responses and solutions!”

And we hope Gráinne’s story will inspire a ton of other people to use Shareagift to crowd fund their parties and give other friends and family the evening of a lifetime.

How to Shareagift for Weddings

Hello August. Hello prime time wedding season, and if you’re as disorganised as me you never get round to buying the wedding gift until the very last  minute when everything on the list has gone and you’re left facing a £200 bedsheet or $5 egg cup – both equally unappealing.

Well fear not, we have the antidote. We’ve had some great examples of people using Sharegift to group gift for weddings – for everything from collecting funds for a hen party and organising a stag night, through to group wedding presents and honeymoon funds.  Here’s just a couple of handy hints:

How to use Shareagift as the Bride & Groom

  • Create a Gift Page for those more original or expensive gifts you really want but can’t put on your gift list
  • Create a Gift Page for your Honeymoon Fund and ask friends to contribute towards the trip of your dreams
  • Print the Gift Page url in your invitations – each Gift Page has a unique url with your page title so you can include in your invitations to ask guests to contribute

How to use Shareagift for Guests

  • Buying from the Gift List – You can create a Gift Page on Shareagift to collect the money for ANY gift from ANY gift list. If you want to buy one of the more expensive items from the list, why not invite a couple of friends to pitch in with you and split the cost.  Create a Gift Page on Shareagift with the details, send it to your friends to chip in then collect the cash yourself and buy the gift from all of you.  Note, you might want to reserve the gift while you collect the money in case someone else snaps it up!
  • Buying off-list – Sometimes it’s nice to get really close friends you know really well something original, and not another set of dinner plates or a toaster.  If there’s something you know they’ll love but couldn’t put on their gift list, you can create a Gift Page to collect the cash with friends and share the cost to afford that really amazing gift they’ll always treasure.

How to use Shareagift for the Hen or Stag!

Collecting money for a stag or hen – wether it’s a raucous night out on the town or a civilised weekend at a spa can be a total nightmare. We’ve had some great feedback from people using Shareagift to help:

  • Collect the cash from everyone in one place
  • Keep track of who’s paid and how much
  • Keep everyone updated with what the plans are on the Comments Wall

So there we have it – the complete Shareagift contribution to wedding season!  We hope it’s helpful in getting those happy couples the gifts they really want – and keeping those egg cups back on the shelf where they belong ;-).

Top Tips for Group Funding

**TOP TIP** Did you know you can use Shareagift to Group Fund across the social web, not just within your own circle of friends?!

People have used Shareagift to raise hundreds of dollars to thousands of pounds for everything from charity fundraising online, collecting funds online from communities even raising money online for medical treatment and starting group funds for friends in need.

So here are our 3 Top Tips on how to make your Group Fund work most effectively:

1. Use Social Sharing

Shareagift has a new social sharing bar on the Gift Page that makes it super easy for you and your friends to spread the word if you want your fundraising to be public. Encourage all your invitees to spread the word by Tweeting, posting to their Facebook Wall, pinning to Pinterest and sharing on Google +

2. Tell the Story

People love helping other people.  Tell the story of what your group fund is for – if it’s a charity fund tell them what the money will be used for, if it’s to help someone tell them a little bit about them.  It’s amazing how much people are willing to get involved when they understand the cause.

The Baird Family are trying to raise a £580,000 to fund a new medicine to help save their 2 year old son Jack and other children suffering from Sanfilippo disease.

Read the rest of Jack’s story on their page www.shareagift.com/jack

3. Update your Contributors

Letting people know how your fundraising is going both shows contributors how their donations are helping the overall progress towards your goal, and encourages those yet to contribute to get involved. The Comments Wall on your Gift Page can be used by both the organiser and contributors to leave update messages and comments of encouragement and help you keep building momentum. The group can also use the Comments Wall to discuss the gift, what to do with the funds or any other detail in a group discussion.

How to: Shareagift for Parents

CALLING ALL PARENTS: We’re about to change your lives!

Since we launched Shareagift last year we’ve had the most amazing response from parents using the site. They have really opened our eyes to the sorts of things we can help parents with, to save a load of time and make life a little easier. Some of our favourites have included:

  • Raising funds for your child’s school
  • Organising class thank you gifts for teachers
  • Funding childrens parties
  • Buying baby shower gifts for new parents
  • Asking for 1 Group Gift for your child rather than 10 unwanted plastic toys!


Here’s our 3 Top Tips for Parents and some stories of the Gift Pages we particularly like:


From hundreds of dollars… 
Like Ali and Dave’s friends who collected $600 towards a bumper supply of diapers when they were expecting their first baby….

To just a few pounds… Like Jacksons parents who created a Gift Page for him collecting £14 to get the Lego truck he wanted for his 4th birthday!



Reeta created a Gift Page for her son’s birthday.  They didn’t have a gift in mind, they just sent the Gift Page to their family and friends from all over to let them contribute any amount if they wanted to. She ended up collecting £321 to buy a lovely gift and pay for the childrens party games!




Make collecting for fund-raising events super easy by inviting people to contribute online (they only need a credit or debit card). Or use the site to organise class gifts – Kirsten collected $794 to buy a cool print as a class gift for the Actives teachers.

It’s FREE, so please try it out and get started on your own Gift Page today!

Group Gifting Trends

When we started researching the business case for Shareagift.com we were struck by just how little statistical data there is on group gifting trends. I guess this should come as little surprise as group gifting itself is a relatively new trend, albeit rapidly increasing in popularity.

For this reason we’ve been intensely curious to see what our own user analysis would indicate.  As we’re nearing the 6-month mark since our launch back in September last year we thought it would be an interesting juncture to share some of our findings. So here’s a bit of a Shareagift stat attack for your interest:

Most popular gift:  iPad or laptop computer, 32% combined

Most popular occasion:  Birthday, 40%

Most used currency:  US Dollar, 67% (UK Sterling, 30%; Euro, 3%)

Average number of contributors per group gift:  8

Most amount raised by one single page:  £4,677 for a ‘Holiday of a lifetime’

Most amount raised by a US $ Gift Page:  $807.80 for a Funeral

Weirdest gift bought so far (in our opinion):  Lemur Feeding Experience

And finally, we put together a little a pie chart to give an indication of the range of other gifts bought using Shareagift.com – cause everyone loves a pie chart… enjoy!