New Year, New Resolutions

So here we are – new year, new start, new resolutions (which, if you’re like most of the Shareagift Team you’ll have thoroughly enjoyed breaking already!).

Yep, I’m afraid the stats are not looking good for keeping to our resolve – apparently only 8% of us will keep our new years resolutions – most of us will sack them off within the next 2 months.

So what are these pesky promises of self-improvement we solemnly dedicate ourselves to every January 1st? According to research by the University of Scranton, our top 5 resolutions are:

  1. Loose weight
  2. Get organised
  3. Spend less, save more
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest
  5. Stay fit and healthy

Hmmm, quite the ambition… Well, loosing weight and getting organised we can’t help you with I’m afraid, but roll on resolution number three and we are here ready and waiting to lend a hand – we’d love you to use Shareagift to buy group gifts for your friends and family this year – so everyone saves a bit of money and still gets something great!

As for the Shareagift Team, we’ve decided rather than give things up in 2013, we’re gonna take things up. So we had a quick whip round the office to check our everyone’s resolutions:

Shareagift Team New Years Resolutions:

  • Visit Scandinavia
  • Write more post cards
  • Introduce one million new people to Shareagift in 2013
  • Compete in the London Triathlon
  • Cut our toast on the diagonal

Up to you to guess which of the team picked which! (We’ll let you know how we getting on in March ūüėČ

Shareagift review on

‘Create a gift page and collect money with friends’ by in Apps, December 17th 2012

“The beautiful site delivers exactly what is expected. A simple to use and smartly put together web app to build a gift page to build a gift page so your friends can chip in for a purchase”

Shareagift review on

MPS Charity Campaign collects over ¬£45k ($74K)

For all of those kind supporters and followers of the campaign to save Jack and other MPS Children, we just wanted to take a moment in the run up to Christmas to let you know how they’re getting on.

For any readers not aware of the history, back in August of this year we helped the MPS Society launch a campaign to raise £600k to help save the lives of children suffering from a rare fatal childhood disease.

As of this morning I’m delighted to report the 7 Shareagift Pages set up to drive the campaign have collectively raised over ¬£46,000 ($74,000) and the word is spreading. Jack’s and Bobby’s Pages have each collected over ¬£14,000 alone thanks to the generosity of the general public and effect of people sharing their stories.

The MPS Society have now raised over £145,000 in total, with amazing efforts from friends and family fundraising, and from strangers, members of the public who have seen the Shareagift campaign and offered to contribute Рincluding one incredibly generous one-off donation of £25,000.

As Christmas is a time of year that’s about family and gift-giving, we’re really touched to see so many people reaching out to give something to a stranger. And almost more importantly, we’re incredibly grateful for the effort of people sharing these stories. It’s one of the most gratifying benefits of the social web, and of the way we see people using our site, that they share stories with one another – and, without trying to sound too twee, just by sharing these stories, they are helping these children on the way to a better future.


Cashing in your worst ever Christmas gifts!

Would you swap 3 unwanted gifts for an iPod this Christmas? (Yep, so would we ;))

According to a Gumtree¬†survey last year we’re likely to get at least two unwanted gifts this Christmas worth as much as ¬£48 each.

So, applying a terribly complicated¬†algorithm (dividing the sum of the problem by a bakers dozen, taking away the square root of X-box and adding a pinch of salt) we worked out that if you took just 3 of these unwanted gifts, and put their value together as a group gift you’d have ¬£144 and could buy yourself an iPod instead.

As an addendum to this brilliant idea, we had a whip-round the office this afternoon to check out some of our worst unwanted Christmas gifts, and here are the top 5:

Shareagift Team’s worst ever Christmas gifts:

  • Black and Decker drill bit
  • Grow your own boyfriend
  • Fetus cookie cutter (no joke, receiver was pregnant at the time)
  • Twat mug (this is contentious – I love this gift)
  • A home-made shoe

So there you have it. If you want to avoid unwrapping a novelty baking instrument come December 25th, we suggest you get onto Shareagift immediately and ask your friends and family to chip in for what you really want!

The Shareagift Worst Christmas Gift Gallery:

This stunning X53242 tile and glass drill bit could be yours for just £2.99
If you don't have a handsome man to snuggle up with to this Christmas, this novelty boyfriend is sure to make you feel much more secure and emotionally stable during the holiday period
If you don’t have a handsome man to snuggle up with to this Christmas, this novelty boyfriend is sure to make you feel much more secure and emotionally stable during the holiday period
Apparently this is acceptable...
Apparently this is acceptable…
Or, yes, if you're really lucky, and you've been immaculately behaved all year long, it's just possible Santa might leave a pair of these designer footwear items in your stocking this year ;)
Or, yes, if you’re really lucky, and you’ve been immaculately behaved all year long, it’s just possible Santa might leave a pair of these designer footwear items in your stocking this year ūüėČ

2012 Black Friday Infographic

Last week we wrote a little bit about some of the astonishing Black Friday and Cyber Monday statistics from 2011, wondering how things would tally up in 2012. As this year’s reports are starting to drift in it’s clear this annual period of shopping frenzy is set to continue breaking records, and this morning we came across this great infographic from that we thought we’d share with you.
ComScore’s official report is due to come out next week which will show us ¬†where we really put our cash on the year’s busiest shopping weekend, but in the meantime here are a few figures from IBM and Adobe already in to whet your appetite:
  • We were reaching for our credit cards even earlier this year with a increase in e-commerce sales of over 17% on¬†Thanksgiving Day¬†itself
  • The same IBM report showed their online sales for¬†Black Friday sales up 20%
  • Adobe systems on Cyber Monday were just shy of $2 billion – up 17% on 2011
  • Traffic to retail sites on Cyber Monday from smartphones or tablets increased a massive 70% compared to 2011, and accounted for 13% of sales (data taken from retail clients of IBM)

Black Friday Shopping Frenzy: Ever Rising