Shareagift featured in the Huffington Post

Exciting week last week for Shareagift as we were featured on the pioneering online news website, The Huffington Post.

We met the lovely Laxmi Hariharan at the Silicon Drinkabout event a few Fridays ago and introduced her to Shareagift. She liked the site so much she included us in her series on startups, and we were absolutely delighted. So thanks to 3beards for kindly hosting us for the event, and thank you Laxmi for your interest and support ūüôā

Shareagift featured in Huffington Post

Nick’s friends buy him SXSW ticket with Shareagift!

“Nick Such is one of the nicest guys you’ve ever met”.

These are the touching words of Nick’s best buddy, Brian. Nick it seems, is one of those guys who’s always just doing something nice for his friends – the veritable unsung hero. So Brian decided to get all his friends together and use Shareagift to give Nick something he’d really love. Not for his birthday, not for Christmas – just for being an awesome guy.

This year Nick was planning to go to the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, but didn’t have the budget for the pass.¬†When Brian found out that Elon Musk, Nick’s life-long hero, was keynoting the event, he knew he had to find a way to get Nick there. ¬†So he created a Shareagift Page and got all Nick’s friends together in secret to collect the funds so he could go.

(For those of you who may not know what I’m on about,¬†SXSW is an awesome music/film/interactive festival held each year in Austin, Texas. It. Is. Very. Cool.)

In just 10 days fourteen of Nick’s friends had chipped in and reached their $995 target to buy his pass. They gave it to him together last week and he was absolutely thrilled, posting to Twitter to say, “Every once in a while I’m reminded that my friends and family are awesome! Actually I’m reminded of this everyday. #Thank you”.

Photo thanks to Aaron Camenisch, University of Kentucky

Brian gave us some ace feedback saying, “The platform worked great. ¬†It was easy to setup and share with friends. ¬†It’s a great concept and allows you to give larger gifts by sharing the burden with a group”.

And Nick¬†very sweetly wished us all the best with¬†Shareagift, saying “It’s already changing my life!” (Nick – we might be slightly in love with you ;))

We hope you have a brilliant time at the festival (for which read: We’re all horribly jealous and want to come with you). Brian, you and your friends are the real heroes of the story for us – now we just have to find ourselves an equally awesome bunch to send us there as well!

Shareagift is not just for gifts!

YES! Newsflash: Shareagift is not only for traditional gifting occasions like birthdays and weddings and Christmas… It’s not even only for gifts in fact. Fact. Let’s elaborate…

When we launched Shareagift back in 2011 we originally designed it for group gifts. And while it’s true that the majority of people have used it for birthdays, we’ve also been amazed and delighted by the interesting and original ways people have used it to collect funds for other things – for everything from throwing a surprise party to fighting cancer.

So here are our top five other ways to use Shareagift:

  1. Funding Medical Treatment
  2. Group gifts for Baby Showers
  3. Teachers’ Class Gifts
  4. Collecting funds for a Party or Event
  5. Just helping a friend in need

So what are you waiting for?! There’s a zillion and 1 ways to use Shareagift to bring a smile to someone’s face – so do it today! (and not just because we want you to use our lovely site… but we do, so go on – dare you ūüėČ

Collect Money with Friends

Shareagift Crowd-funding by Fans is Best of the Week on

We’re thrilled to report that our¬†Shareagift post about Font Awesome fans using the site to contribute to a Group Gift for founder, Dave Gandy, is Best of the Week story on! ¬†Read the full post here for our ‘awesome’ story ūüėČ


(Font) Awesome use of Shareagift

Excuse the pun, but this is awesome.

At Shareagift we’re consistently intrigued and amazed by the innovative and original ways people use our group funding service, but this is one we’re especially proud of. Dave Gandy, founder of Font Awesome, chose to integrate¬†Shareagift¬†into his own site as a way for users to thank him for this work – by contributing towards his Gift Page for a shiny new iMac.

Dave's Shareagift Page
Dave’s Shareagift Page

For those of you who don’t know about Font Awesome, it’s a very cool web font icon set, used and loved by designers and developers worldwide. In fact, according to GitHub (a leading repository for open source projects), Font Awesome was the most popular new open source project in the WORLD for 2012.

Dave created Font Awesome to be absolutely free – putting in hundreds of hours towards the project as something to give back to the open source community. And, having looked at all the group gift giving sites available, he chose Shareagift as the best mechanism to help his followers give something back to him.

Check out the Contribute section on Dave’s site to see how he’s using Shareagift – and check out his project in general, as it is really cool and we’d like to help spread the word about it.

Thanks for using our site Dave, you rock. ¬†Hope Font Awesome goes on to be discovered to the delight of millions of designers and developers around the world – and that you get that sparkling new iMac very soon ūüėČ

Shareagift Page for Dave's iMac integrated in the Contribute section of Font Awesome
Shareagift Page for Dave’s iMac integrated in the Contribute section of Font Awesome

How to Crowd Fund your Party with Shareagift

This is one of my favourite user stories of 2012.

Back in September of last year, the delightful Gr√°inne¬†(who I have had the pleasure of speaking to many times) decided she wanted to to organise a once in a lifetime surprise party for her husband, Andreas’, 50th birthday. Happily for us, she came across Shareagift online and used our site to crowd-fund the party, inviting his friends and family to contribute to one really special evening.

Gr√°inne¬†collected over ‚ā¨800 to her Shareagift Page, so she could organise a private ‘party bus‘ to take her, Andreas and 30 of their friends around the city. Collecting funds from friends around the world over several months,¬†Gr√°inne kept the whole thing a secret from Andreas, so it was a total surprise when he arrived to find his name lit up in lights on the bus and all his friends there ready to celebrate with him.

Gr√°inne surprises Andreas on the big day!
Gr√°inne surprises Andreas on the big day!

I gather it was a beautifully¬†raucous¬†affair! Complete¬†with champagne and dancing and general merriment – in that wonderfully Irish tradition – followed by a spoiling dinner at one of their favourite Irish pub afterwards.¬†Gr√°inne even sent us an amazing video of the party bus afterwards so we could get a flavour of the evening – it looked like epic fun indeed, and no doubt a sore head or two the following day ūüėČ

The Party Bus makes its way around Paris!
The Party Bus makes its way around Paris!

We were all horribly jealous in the office to hear about their amazing adventure, but thrilled to have been able to help along the way. Gr√°inne, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your time and your contributions – you gave us some awesome ideas and some invaluable feedback – and we’ve loved being in touch with you.

Thank you to Johannes Berghoff for letting us use his brilliant photos to tell the story, and Gráinne for your kind words to our team after the event:

“Just a short email to say a BIG thank you for a super website, and a super idea.¬†Andreas‚Äôs surprise 50th birthday was a huge success, and it was a huge help to me to have found your website and have everyone contribute to what ended up being quite a costly evening. But it was definitely worth it!¬†Many thanks to you, and to your team for all your help, quick responses and solutions!”

And we hope Gr√°inne’s story will inspire a ton of other people to use Shareagift to crowd fund their parties and give other friends and family the evening of a lifetime.