Top 5 Unbelievable Pop-Ups In London

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The competitions between new and up-and-coming businesses is now greater than ever. To differentiate themselves and find the market share that they need, companies need to think of innovative ways to appeal to the public. And pop-ups are just the way to do so. We look at 5 of the most out-there ideas

The Curious Canine Kitchen


Whilst most dogs still chomp on their terribly uncool Pedigree tin-canned crap, the cool dogs in town are at the Curious Canine Kitchen feasting on Seaweed, Kale and Reishi mushroom cream.


It may be debatable how much your lovely canine friend (or any human, even) actually enjoys this ‘superfood menu’ due to their reduced number of taste buds – but don’t let the ‘reasonable’ price tag put you off: £20 for three courses of paw-licking-goodness!


You’re probably thinking; where do I go for this once in a lifetime experience? Well, save your moustache wax for another occasion; they’ve been and gone! However, you can still donate to their great cause Amazon CARES



The well-known (to a small niche) pest control company, Rentokil, are more used to poisoning and disposing of masses of tiny critters than frying them up for mass consumption…


But with the impending doom of the slow unraveling of the Earth as we know it; maybe we should give the gnarly little insects a try? And you can do! For tasty salt ‘n’ vinegar crickets and Mexican spiced mealworms, just head on to one of their pop-ups happening (bit far out) in Surrey and Edinburgh. It’s free too. You’ve got nothing to lose, apart from maybe your appetite…

Death Row Dinner


Ever fancy experiencing your last meal on Earth? Well you can with this death row themed pop-up! The menu consists of dishes made up of past last requests and a cheery mugshot of inmate in question.


This pop-up concept was launched just last year with images of deceased inmates with menus around their necks. If this sounds horrific to you, you’re not alone! It cause absolute uproar on Twitter; with responses branding the idea ‘sick’, ‘twisted’ and ‘disgusting’.

ianzi hotel

The organizers issued apologies and Death Row Dinner was no more.

Cuddle Cafe

download (1)

Imagine a world where money isn’t the only currency, where you can pay for things with love and kindness. Well imagine no more! McVitie’s have launched a cafe where you pay for warm beverages and snacks by a quick cuddle. The cafe, designed by Dr Stuart Farrimond, is meant to encourage oxytocin – the ‘love hormone’, which kills stress levels and makes us feel more relaxed.


Unfortunately, the pop-up only opened for two days in February, so you’ll have to quench your thirst for a quick cuddle elsewhere.

London In The Sky

Alize Cornet, Xperia Hot Shot tennis player, swaps tips with Darius Knight, top British table tennis player, at Sony Ericsson's Tennis in the Sky on a specially constructed court suspended at 150ft over the Thames at Jubilee Gardens Waterloo London today while Pat Cash umpires.

A well-established business, Events In The Sky, have popped up all over the world. With events in Berlin to Paris to London, hanging a large dinner table over the city is their specialty. They have renowned and up and coming chefs cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the sky.

If you’re not terrified at the concept of being dangled by a crane whilst eating your dinner – then they’re open to bookings throughout the month!

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Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows You Might Have Missed

Already repeated Breaking Bad a couple of times? Still crying over the fact that there will be no more Parks and Recreation? Or just don’t know where to start in the modern TV-streaming game? We, here at Shareagift, are on hand to help you navigate through the endless digital vault of TV with the top 5 shows to watch that you may have missed.

Broad City


First up is a quirky comedy that follows two best friends; Ilana and Abbi, through everyday life in New York City. As young and fun loving early twenty-somethings, they are tested by the very real struggles of getting through the day without a truly horrific catastrophe. Combined with their outrageous personalities and hysterical stunts, Ilana and Abbi are the very best and worst versions of ourselves. Head on over to Hulu or Amazon Prime to binge-watch just 20 episodes so far.

Definitely better than Girls



An American legal thriller; Damages is the deeper, darker and more complex older sister of Suits. It ran for 5 intense seasons between 2007 – 2012. The show toys with timelines and jumps back and forth in time to create extra suspense. The enormous plot-twists will have you on the edge of your seat.

The show focuses, in particular, on the relationship between Patty Hewes and young protegee Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne, well-known for her role on Bridesmaids…); as the show goes on, you see that Ellen’s perception of right and wrong become a little more blurred as the story unfolds (no spoilers).


Sit back, buckle up and let Damages take you on a journey that will have you gripped every step along the way. The whole 59 episodes are on Netflix now!

Silicon Valley


As the name would suggest; this comedy, based in Silicon Valley, follows the journey of a programmer who hits the goldmine with his new app – Pied Piper. Like a lot of start-ups, they face the struggle of beating tough competition and constant efforts by ‘Hooli’ (satirized combination of Google, Facebook and hints of Apple) to buy them out, sink them with reverse engineering and eventually, a heavy law-suit.

The socially-awkward team of developers, complete with their herd leader; bong-toting entrepreneur Erlich Bachman, deal with challenge after challenge with hilarious results.

The one you love to hate: Erlich Bachman


Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)
Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)

Have you already cycled through the list of shows where terrible people do terrible things for fun; from The League to It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia? We’ve got another suggestion for you, Workaholics!


With a fairly similar premises to It’s Always Sunny; a bunch of friends who spend too much time together get up to no good whilst being hilariously stupid, their antics will have you disgusted but also belly-laugh like crazy. Very good for binge-watching hangover days.



This Amazon Original Series follows the journey of Mort, who is slowly transitioning to become Maura (played impeccably by Jeffrey Tambor) and the journeys of self-discovery for him and his family. With brilliant light comic touches, the show also delves into exploration of identity, family and sexuality.

It’s even designed to be watched all in one ‘five-hour movie’ as opposed to 10 half-hour episodes, so you shouldn’t even feel guilty about binge-watching! Catch the show on Amazon Prime now.

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Top 5 World’s Weirdest Hotels

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We all go to hotels to relax, put our feet up and relax in a calm and inviting environment. Or so that’s what most hotels aim to do… Today we look at the top 5 weirdest hotels: Where unoffensive decor and normal services are not on their list of priorities.

1. Hotel CasAnus


As the name would suggest, yes, this little hotel is indeed a giant replica of the digestive system

STIAN_BUM HOTEL_IMAGE007 A HOTEL shaped like a COLON is getting rave reviews from punters…who are saying it is 'spicing up their sex life'. The CasAnus Hotel in Belgium offers couples a night inside a colon for just 120 Euros - around £100 - complete with a double bed, shower and central heating. Couples are flocking to the one-room hotel on an island near Antwerp to enjoy a night inside the colon, saying it's 'amazing'. The hotel was designed by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout and is run by owners Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, who say the hotel is 'extremely popular' with couples. STIAN ALEXANDER 07528 679198

Located near Antwerp, Belgium, the large colon was, originally, a contemporary art piece by Joep Van Lieshout. It was turned into a hotel when Verbeke-Lens, the current owner, discovered that the vast space inside was suitable for nightly stays by travelers. For a very ‘modest’ fee of $150, you too can stay inside the only Anus hotel in the world.

2. Henna-na Hotel


It may sounds like the start of every dystopian film but, in Japan, a robot hotel has recently opened its doors (automatically, of course).

Robotic arm sorting out your luggage for you
Robotic arm sorting out your luggage for you

Henna-na, literally meaning ‘weird’, is fully automated. Meaning you’re greeted by humanoid robots and a dinosaur that speaks English, your luggage is transported by machines and even your bed is made by a robot. There isn’t even the need for keys; every door has facial recognition technology.


Creepy or amazing? You decide.

3. Propeller Island City Lodge

The name doesn’t give much away but this quirky little hotel in Berlin offers the unique experience of staying in different ‘concepts’.

Upside down room
Upside down room

For example, you can choose to spend the night in an ‘upside down room’, where all the furniture is glued to the ceiling and everything is topsy turvy.

Mirror room
Mirror room

If you felt that was disorientating enough, check out their Mirror Room.

Coffin room
Coffin room

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to be dead – book a night in the Coffin Room… The design of the room is meant to recreate the feeling of resting in peace…

4. The Godiva Chocolate Suite


If you have a ‘suite’ tooth, you’ll love this Valentine’s Day promotion at The Bryant Park Hotel, Manhattan. Every year, the hotel teams up with chocolatiers and artists to create a room made entirely of chocolate. Every wall is lined with chocolate and you can even see (and eat) a reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”. Romantic! With a slight Hansel and Gretel vibe…

Ali Larter (Heroes) not looking awkward at all whilst posing with chocolate
Ali Larter (Heroes) not looking awkward at all whilst posing with chocolate “The Kiss”

5. Tianzi Hotel

tianzi hotel

Last but not least is Guiness World Record’s “biggest image building”: Tianzi Hotel. Situated in Hebei, China; these three jolly dudes depict the Chinese gods of good fortune, prosperity and longevity. What’s more, you can book out the peach in Fortunes’s hand for a fruity stay!

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Top 5 Unconventional Weddings!

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Everyone likes to put a personal touch to the happiest day of their life (so far). Conventionally, the most important decisions to make are regarding the flower arrangement, the bridesmaid’s dresses and the color scheme – to name just a few. But some people go to great lengths to make their wedding extra unique and memorable… Here are just 5 of the strangest wedding ideas and themes; weird, wonderful and controversial.

The Naked Wedding

Yep, that’s right, a couple decided to reject social norms and ditch the physical barrier between themselves and the natural elements. They decided to just wear nothing at all!


After winning a radio competition which gifted them this free wedding, Mel and Rene Schachner were required to tie the knot in nothing other than their very own birthday suits.


And they’re not the only ones! The au naturel look is very in vogue. Whether or not you’d personally choose to ditch the traditional attire, it certainly makes for a very memorable wedding.

Shrek Is Love Shrek Is Life

We’ve all heard of the story of the adorable Ogre who gets the girl and lives ‘happily ever after’ melting hearts across the globe.


One couple decided that to mark their love, they would don heavy green make-up and have a Shrek-themed wedding to symbolize their journey.


But their eye-catching efforts weren’t just a fancy display for publicity, it was in order to raise awareness for cancer.


We hope that Nathan and Amanda get the happily ever after that they dream of.

I Did Nazi That Coming…


Apparently, there’s a strange trend across Asia where many young Chinese couples decide to wed in Nazi Military Uniform… Perhaps they missed the memo about the truly horrific things that occurred in Nazi Germany; it certainly didn’t impress Netizens of China.

Wedding Suspense

On April 20, 2007 in New Orleans, PiercedSmurf decided to wed his long-term girlfriend hanging from his and her piercings…


They wanted the occasion to showcase their love for one another as well as sharing their passion for body modification. Let’s just hope they didn’t leave each other hanging much longer!

Big Labels Small Prices


Members of the public had to weave their little red trolleys around the size 8 shoe isle at the Mt. Pleasant TJ Maxx store on a July morning in 2012, when Drew Ellis and Lisa Satayut married in front of a small crowd of close friends and relatives. Described as her ‘happy place’, Satayut said that she ‘never once even looked at the shoes’ during the ceremony and that it was ‘perfect’.

a97216_g145_4-tj-max (1)

It’s certainly an unconventional place to get married! 

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Top 5 Unique And Thoughtful Gifts For Mothers

Struggling to find the perfect gift for Parents’ Day? Here are our top 5 unique and thoughtful gifts for mothers.

Mothers play a very important role in our lives. They’re there for us when we’re ill, they cook our favorite meals and they’re always ready to embarrass us with unfortunate tales when we introduce them to new friends. To show them that we really do care (even when we don’t have enough time in our busy lives to call home) – here are our top 5 gift ideas for the most important woman in our lives.

Personalized Kindle and Case


Kindles can make great presents, especially when you add an extra personal touch by loading it up with book recommendations. A tip for thoughtful present giving – load up personal favorite reads and leave a message with each book; a ‘thinking of you’ or ‘I think you’ll enjoy this’ will make all the difference. Books are a great way to connect and your mother will love the time and care you put into creating the perfect gift (hopefully nearly as much as mine did).


For those that especially love the sentimental value of owning their books and can’t quite handle slipping into the digital era – this KleverCase Kindle cover will help them on their way. The handmade hardback covers will make your ‘infinite library’ look and feel more like an authentic book and come in many book cover styles from ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ to ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

Trip of a Lifetime


The most valuable thing in the world, arguably, is time. So ditch your other commitments and spend some precious time with your mother! Take that trip across the world like you’d always thought about and bring your mom along with you. Here are some brilliant ideas for family holidays. From isolated light-houses to camel-trekking in Morocco, you and your family can treat your mother to the holiday of a lifetime! It’s even easier to sort out with Shareagift, just buy the holiday and split the bill online. You can collect funds online from the rest of your family by starting a Shareagift page for the best mother you’ve ever had!

Tea Sparrow


How many times have you sat with your mother over a hot drink whether complaining about your day or just having a quick catch-up? With Tea Sparrow you can keep the hot drinks flowing and quality ones at that. For a monthly subscription fee of $20, you can sample teas from your own region as well as from all over the globe. The guys and gals at Tea Sparrow are very passionate and have loose leafs down to a ‘tea’. So for a gift that keeps giving; subscribe for a year. Every month, whether you’re sharing a hot drink with your mother or not, she’ll be reminded of how much you care!

Ginger-Peach-Theme-200x300 (1)

And if freshly roasted coffee beans are more her thing then head on over to Mistobox.

Baking & Decorating Class


Spend some quality time with your mom and take her to a baking and decorating class in bakery near you! There’s one at Original Yummy Cupcakes, Burbank, but they are becoming like hot cakes and will pop up somewhere close to you. The best thing about gift is that, not only do you get to have a great time taking a trip down memory lane, you also learn how to make gourmet cupcakes that will wow everyone at the next family gathering!

Bakery Box of Four Cupcake Candles


Finally, following the cupcake theme, from the brilliantly original Etsy seller Candlelit Desserts: This customizable pack of four cupcake candles. With over 30 different cupcake flavors and designs, there is an oasis of choice for all tastes. Every candle is handlemade and is even flavored to match its aesthetics. They look tasty enough to eat! Also, it’s great for last minute online gift shopping with free delivery…

Here at Shareagift, we cherish and love our mothers and we think that they deserve the best gifts possible. It’s easy to set up a group fund on Shareagift and collect money online from family members to go that extra mile, just like our mothers do for us. Start a campaign today and being collecting money for a gift to the mother in your life.


Top 5 Youtube Wedding Proposals!

Get ready to ride the emotional roller-coaster of your life with this list of top 5 Youtube wedding proposals…

The 19:57 From Euston

If you’ve ever ridden on the London Underground, you would know that it is certainly not the stomping ground for romance. But, somehow – with the help of the Adam Street Singers, they’ve managed to set the scene for the most lovely proposal.

Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Whilst thinking he was shopping for lights, Dustin’s day was brightened up by a flash mob proposal. I personally love the awkward looking relatives jigging along.

Card Trick Proposal

Here is a magical marriage proposal. He even went to the lengths of convincing her that he wasn’t interested in marriage a few nights before the occasion!

Childhood Love

A beautiful proposal made special by the fact that these lovebirds have known each other since they were 10! Try not to cry…

Plot Twist Proposal

Finally… I won’t ruin the surprise…

However crazy or ordinary the proposal – they are nevertheless one of the most important parts of someone’s life. Make it that bit more special with Shareagift. After all that, you’d need help with the wedding to match the proposal. For help with planning a wedding take a look at Our Top 5 Sites For A Stress Free Wedding!

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Top 3 Alternative Family Getaways

For those of you sick of resorts, overcrowded swimming pools and clichéd family holidays, we’ve compiled our top 3 family holiday ideas for your benefit. Throw away those terrible Hawaiian shirts and the classic beach towel and prepare for the journey of your life exploring diverse cultures and unknown territories with your most beloved. All of the holiday ideas below are kid-friendly too!


Camel Trek Along The Atlantic Coast (Morocco)

For a more laid back experience in Morocco visiting secluded fishing villages, Argan tree orchards and beautifully desolate sandy beaches, camel trek along the Atlantic Coast. The tour, led by local guides, usually lasts around 7-10 days.

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

You’ll pass through countless untouched beaches, the amazing sea caves of Cape Sim and even an ancient Portugese fort in Essaouira! Your evenings will be spent under the glittering stars, mesmerized to sleep by the sound of the waves crashing in. And you need not worry about carrying your stuff with you; the local guides have it covered utilizing the ‘camel-caravan’. The kids will love it too, there’s no strenuous activity required and there is the possibility of surfing and other water-sports in Sidi Kaouki.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 16.18.40
Coursewell Lighthouse, Loch Ryan

Live In A Lighthouse (Loch Ryan, Scotland)

As new technologies take over, the need for lighthouses in ship navigation is in decline. Leading many to be transformed into unique accommodation with an exceptional view. This particular lighthouse in Loch Ryan can accommodate up to 6 people with a renovated modern interior and all the facilities you’d need for a perfect holiday. Nature-lovers can spend time watching the wide variety of flora, seals and deer frolicking in the wild. Just nearby is the Isle of Arran. Easily accessible by boat, the small island offers flawless beaches, amazingly picturesque treks and you can even abseil over a waterfall for those looking for a rush.

Annapurna Foothill, Nepal

Take Your Family Through The Himalayas (Nepal)

When you think of the Himalayas, I bet ‘I’ll take my kids there’ doesn’t cross your mind for a second. But little do people know that at the bottom of the mountain there is a foothill that seems like it was designed for family trekking. It is low-altitude and the area is dubbed as the ‘Himalayan Playground’ for kids of nearby villages. Along the 8-day trek, you’ll appreciate the beautiful trees and amazing views of the Annapurna Range. Meet local families and learn more about the diverse culture of the Nepalese people. Finally, to really excite the kids, you can go on a safari in search of Bengal tigers!


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7 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

We’ve all been a little tight for money, perhaps needing another job to cope with the financial demands of everyday life. But look at the lengths that these celebrities have gone to get that little bit of extra cash on the side. Here are our top 10 weirdest celebrity endorsements! They range from being a little bit awkward to the down-right bizarre…

7. 50 Cent On QVC

To kick off the list we have 50 Cent who has been in the headlines recently for his financial woes. In the toughest times he starred in this rather uncomfortable promotion of his self-branded headphones (perhaps trying to follow in the foot steps of Dr Dre) on QVC. QVC is a shopping channel that is usually aimed at middle-aged women, mothers and a rather different demographic to 50 Cent’s following. Which is why it was a little bizarre when he appeared on the channel looking a little coy and joking (slightly uncomfortably) along with the presenter!

6. Ozzy Osbourn Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

In 2006, well-known British Rockstar, Ozzy Osbourn starred in this hilarious ad for a butter-substitute company ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’. At Shareagift we love to see famous rockstars chilling out at home making fairy cakes.

5. Johnny Rotten Loves Great Butter

British rockstars just seem to love butter! Here we see Johnny Rotten, well-known for his anarchist shenanigans with the revolutionary punk band Sex Pistols, promote nothing other than good ol’ British butter. This is really ‘cream’ of the crop!

4. Andrew WK And His Fresh N Sexy Wipes

Andrew WK Looking Fresh N Sexy
Andrew WK Looking Fresh N Sexy

Next up: Andrew WK promoting what can only be described as ‘Sanitary Wipes’ (slightly NSFW). Andrew is mostly well known for his hardcore partying ways and his hit single ‘Party Hard’ which has over 8 million views on Youtube. If you give the video a watch, you’ll understand the irony of his endorsement of the product ‘Fresh N Sexy’… Just take a moment to enjoy the hilarity of his campaign photos.

Getting Close And Personal
Getting Close And Personal

3. Ronaldo Snacks On Finger Lickin’ Chicken

Professional athletes usually have pretty intense training and diet regimes but we wouldn’t usually associate the 780 calorie (per serving) chicken dish as a casual post-game snack. Although Ronaldo would like to lead you to believe otherwise…

2. Ronaldo Likes A Toned Face

Another one from the three-time Ballon d’Or winner is this facial exercise ‘aid’. For those trying to tighten up those chubby cheeks (after a few family buckets at KFC), a quick bounce with the MTG product will help you on your way to looking chiseled and perfectly sculpted. And you won’t even look stupid whilst doing it.

Cristiano discovering the meaning of lifte when gazing into the beauty device

1. David Beckham Loves To Shareagift

Disclaimer: this is not a real ad and David Beckham does not endorse Shareagift or is in anyway associated, just in case you didn't get it
Disclaimer: this is not a real ad. David Beckham is in no way related to Shareagift

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Draughts: London’s First Board Game Café – A Review

Have you ever felt the glorious moment of becoming the monopolist despite all forces working against you? Have you ever had the satisfaction of discovering the murderer and the murder weapon in a few brilliant educated guesses? Or, on the other hand, have you ever been in a heated and passionate battle of trivial knowledge which has resorted to friendships being tested and many a family feud?


Do you also like organic and locally sourced food handmade from fresh produce, craft beers and delightfully fresh coffee? If so, read on.

Describing themselves as a ‘Haven for game lovers’, Draughts opened its doors on 15 November 2014 in the up-and-coming area of Hackney. Set in an old railway arch, the interior is minimalistic and modern with exposed brick adding rustic charm and giving the whole place a chilled bar setting – perfect for when you fancy a quiet night out exploring your inner nerd

They have an extensive library of 500 games which is only growing as time goes on. Whether you fancy something intense and complex like A Game Of Thrones or you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood days with classics like Kerplunk or Hungry Hungry Hippos; Draughts has you covered. Their board games are arranged in useful and logical groups ranked on number of people required, difficulty, time to completion etc. They’ve even created this Board Game Tube Map for when you really can’t decide what to play.

Board Game Tube Map – Taking you wherever you want to go in the board game sphere

If you fancy playing something new and delve into the world of serious board gaming, there are plenty of friendly and engaging board game enthusiasts (a bit like Apple geniuses, but for board games) to help you along the way.


Service is amazing. Even when it was slightly busier, there were plenty of welcoming faces that were happy to bring nibbles and beverages straight to the table. We tried out the Charcuterie Board with freshly made hummus – great to share when you’re tackling the complex mechanics of Blokus. They also have a brilliant selection of drinks from a variety of cocktails, craft beers, coffees and soft drinks to cater for all tastes.

My housemates 'puzzling' over the next stealthy move whilst playing Blokus
My housemates ‘puzzling’ over the next stealthy move whilst playing Blokus

Price-wise, it’s fairly good (for London). £5 per person as a general admission cost for a table that has a time limit of 3 hours for when it is busy; unlimited stay when they are a few spare tables. Which is great if you think about it. A chance to trial out new games from their huge library, learn more about game design or just play some childhood favorites. The cost for food and drink is average for London, £3 – £5 for a beer and about £8 – £10 for a sharing platter. Overall, I spent £20 on a night to (actually) remember.


If you fancy drinking and playing board games in a vibrant space where you can actually make conversation (between the tense glares psyching out your opponents), head to Draughts right down the road from Haggerston Underground for a night to remember. 

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Our Top 3 Etsy Sellers

Bored of the same monotonous designs offered by high street shops? Annoyed (and slightly angry) that someone’s taken the exact thing you wanted seconds before at a vintage fair? Sick of rifling through boxes and boxes of jewelry at the thrift store?

If you like unique designs, love supporting independent businesses and most of all appreciate premium quality jewelry: You need to know this shortlist of Etsy sellers that we, here at Shareagift, love.



L White Design is a small and upcoming handcrafted jewelry shop based in Haslett, Michigan. It was conceived and built from scratch by the owner Linsey White-McLean and her trusty side-kick; adorable baby Lucia.

Linsey's Worshop
Linsey’s Worshop

We just love her designs! Minimalistic with a quirky and colorful twist on traditional jewelry both catch the eye and can compliment a daring outfit.

Sterling Silver, Jade and Green Aventurine Statement Necklace
Sterling Silver, Jade and Green Aventurine Statement Necklace

A few of our favorite items from her collection online at Etsy is this Sterling Silver, Jade and Green Aventurine Statement Necklace and this simple yet elegant Sterling Silver Circle Ring 

Sterling Silver Circle Ring
Sterling Silver Circle Ring

Simply the best thing about LWhiteDesign is that you can request a custom made order. So Shareagift with that special friend who deserves something unique, you can even split the cost of the present by setting up a Shareagift page! It’s easy collecting funds online, especially when that gift is slightly out of your budget.



Hailing from Portland, Oregon Madeleine Day juggles many commitments – from Physician to Wellness Blogger, the Maden line was developed to ‘keep her looking effortlessly sassy while on the go’. Her philosophy to design is keeping it unique and her motto: ‘Life’s too short to wear what everybody else wears’.

SeaSide Collection
SeaSide Collection

We love the attention to detail in each and every one of her pieces. Just look at the beautiful SeaSide Necklace Collection, each handcrafted with beads and materials from all over the globe and its very own story to tell.



Last of all, PreciousPodsBySarahO is a seller that is less about design and style but more about meaning and message. Not to say that her designs are any less sleek and beautiful.

Teacher Appreciation Gift
Teacher Appreciation Gift

This cute Teacher Appreciation Necklace with the touching and thoughtful inscription ‘You Made A Different To This One’ would make a perfect Teacher Appreciation Gift. To split the cost with your classmates, you could use Shareagift to show how much your teacher means to you without breaking the bank.

All of her pieces are entirely customizable and can make great gifts for any occasion. Whether it’s end of year teacher gifts, birthday gifts or thankyou gifts – you can get a thoughtful and unique present from PreciousPodsBySarahO. And with the help of Shareagift, you will be able to collect funds online from your co-workers, friends and classmates.

Here at Shareagift, we believe in supporting small businesses with something unique to offer. Everyday life should be shared with special people. We make it our business to make it easy for you to Shareagift with those closest to you.