About Shareagift

And why we love helping friends buy really great gifts together!

One fine day, way back when, our founder, Justine, was asked to pitch in for a new camera for her aunt’s birthday.  Justine’s cousin Jack was in charge of collecting together all the money and buying the camera in time for the big day.  But Jack, being Jack – not the most organised of types (sorry Jack!) – got himself into a real pickle trying to organise it.

He had cash from Auntie Caroline, a cheque from Uncle Bob, lots of friends asking if they could pay him at the party, and poor old Jack ran around calling people til he was virtually blue in the face and had to sit down for a double-sugared cup of tea and rather a long afternoon nap.

So Justine had an idea – to build a website that would make it really easy, secure, and fun for groups of friends to buy gifts together.

This is the blog of our progress – how we began and where we’re going, and we hope you enjoy it.  At the end of the day everyone loves a great gift, and there’s nothing like giving someone something you know they’re gonna love – we want to help you make it happen!

All out best gift-wrapped regards from,

The Shareagift Team