Honeymooning In Orlando!

Save With Shareagift Towards … Your Honeymoon

This week we caught up with Kiran who has been using Shareagift to fund his honeymoon.


What gave you the idea to create a page and start collecting money for your honeymoon?

Me and my fiancé have decided to get married in Orlando and conduct our honeymoon at the same time, due to the fact that I’m in the Army and getting time off that fits around everything else and especially her work was difficult. In essence it’s killing two birds with one stone. Our family and friends had asked us what we would like for our wedding gift, because we are currently renting and already have most of what we needed, we came up with this idea to just have people donate towards our honeymoon. 

Why did you choose Shareagift?

We chose Shareagift because we had seen some of our friends use it to great effect to collect charitable funds and for other personal usage. Its simple interface allows all of our friends and family members, young and old, easy access and the ability to navigate without any stress. The link up with PayPal is also one of the reasons we chose it.

How helpful has this page been in collecting money together?

This page has been great, so far two donations have amounted to £120! We already have a few more close friends and family that will be donating soon and we are really looking forward to our trip.


How much of an impact will this money have on you?

The impact itself is happiness! My fiancée and me haven’t been on an overseas trip due to work commitments and saving for a house. Recently my car had broken down and I had to buy a new one, so its been a set back for the wedding and even the reception.

We are getting married in March 2016, holding a reception for our family and friends in June 2016 and still pay for the car, bills and cost of living. So yes, the impact is enormous and helps us out massively. As we said to friends and family, even £1 would go a long way once it’s all added up.


If you were to set up a new Shareagift page what and who would it be for?

Hopefully not long from now, once Jasmine and me have settled down, I’ll be hoping to participate in some charitable events to help and give back to others. Being in the armed forces and a strong supporter of Help4Heroes I’ll be looking to do some charitable runs or rugby matches. I will definitely be using Shareagift again in the future!

Are you saving for a wedding or honeymoon? Or perhaps you have been put in charge of the stag or hen party. No matter what you need to collect funds for Shareagift is here to help! We provide the perfect platform to help you collect money online for the perfect wedding, fundraising event, group gift or random day out!


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Author: Nick Woodford

I work as the Community Manager for Shareagift in London. I love all things tech, travelling, gaming, am a film buff and ski enthusiast.

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