Helping Shaun After His Business Burnt Down

We are an inquisitive bunch here at Shareagift and we love discovering what people use Shareagift for. This week we caught up with Sammi who is using Shareagift to collect money online for her Dads workshop that was burnt down in the early hours of the 5th of August. This workshop was his livelihood, his job and his hobby, amongst other things the fire destroyed all his cars and tools. With help from friends and family they have managed to clear the debris and are now hoping to raise enough money to help her Dad start over.

Shaun and his garrage

Here’s what Sammi had to say about her campaign and her experience using Shareagift.

Why did you chose Shareagift?

I chose Shareagift because it sounded the best out of all the fundraising sites I looked at.

How helpful has this page been in collecting money together?

The page has been amazing, I can share it around on my Facebook and I can email the link for others to share, its really good!

How much of an impact will this money have on your Dad?

This will help my dad so much! After all, he has lost everything so he needs to find a new workshop to start his business again. Even if it’s enough for his first months rent it’s amazing how much people are pulling together, I’m so thankful for them all!


What sorts of people have contributed to your page?

It has mostly been friends and friends of friends.

If you were to set up a new Shareagift page what and who would it be for?

If I was to set up another in the future it would probably be for a charity of some sort, or maybe even a fund for our honeymoon, that would be great!

For more information or to contribute to Sammi’s cause please head over to

Shareagift can help you and your friends, family or colleagues collect money online towards anything and everything, from fundraising for causes to events and group gifts. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and start your own campaign today!


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Author: Nick Woodford

I work as the Community Manager for Shareagift in London. I love all things tech, travelling, gaming, am a film buff and ski enthusiast.

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