Top 5 Weird Guinness World Records!

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The internet has been in short supply of weird world records. This compilation of the weirdest Guinness World Records are sure to pump you up and get you surprised!

1. Stretchiest Skin

Meet the man who can stretch his skin, from anywhere on his body, to a maximum length of 6.25 inches. Garry Turner of Great Britain has a rare condition that has made him lose his skin’s elasticity. He has managed to stretch the skin on his neck, stomach and even pull out his eye sockets! Garry can also stretch the skin from his neck to cover the lower half of his face!

2. Man lets 1.1 million bees swarm over him

Gao Bingguo, a Chinese beekeeper, let 1.1 million bees swarm over him, in the course of which, he was stung over 2000 times. He spread honey all over his body to attract the queen bees. His body temperature rose to over 60 degree Celsius, but this 55 year old man remained calm in his underpants while smoking a cigarette.


3. Longest Fingernails

Melvin Booth (left) has a combined fingernail length of 29 feet and Lee Redmond (right) had a total length of 28 feet. However, Lee Redmond’s nails recently broke off in a car crash, and she has agreed that her life is a lot easier since. She has claimed to have never cut her nails since 1979 and has carefully manicured them until her accident.


4. Juggling LIVE Chainsaws

Ian Stewart from Canada has juggled 3 live chainsaws for nearly a minute, with around 94 catches. Authorities ensured that this was performed according to the stated guidelines. Make sure you give him a hand, as he will surely need spares if he continues doing this. Check out this video and be amazed!

5. Heaviest weight pulled with eye sockets

Chayne Hultgren of Australia pulled 411.65 kilograms (907 pounds) with his eye sockets in Milan, Italy. Chayne, also known as The Space Cowboy, has performed several other ridiculous stunts such as lying down on a bed of nails with 28 motorcycles ride over him. Hope he has his insurance covered!

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