Top 5 Embarrassing Wedding Moments!

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Some weddings are never forgotten with time because of how embarrassing certain moments turn out to be. You can only hope that one of these embarrassing moments don’t ever happen to you.

1. Bride’s Skirt Falls Down

Everything went on well for this couple until the Bittersweet Symphony started playing along. With photographers all around, the bride tripped on her skirt, leaving her completely exposed. This didn’t stop the camera rolling and the bride fled the scene. The wedding took place as planned but was delayed by a few hours.

2. Pastor discusses the bride’s virginity

At one particular wedding, the Pastor enlightened the guests about how the bride was a virgin and the groom was not. Questions later arose about how the pastor was well-informed regarding the couple’s sexual life. Nevertheless, the wedding guests had a good laugh and the couple’s wedding is still talked about for this very reason.


3. Best man forgets the wedding ring

The groom holds his hand out for the wedding ring, which is when everyone starts to frantically check their pockets for the ring. But, a semi-naked roller skater with Superman underpants saved the day. He skated his way down the aisle and handed the ring over to the groom with a Superman pose.


4. Groom messes up his vows

Pressure got to the groom who suffered a slip of the tongue and said ‘Waffle Wedded Wife’ instead of ‘lawfully wedded wife.’ Meanwhile, the bride lost her composure and started laughing out loud. It did take a few moments to calm down the bride and the guests until things resumed back to normal.

5. Pastor forgets the most important line

When the pastor forgot to say, ‘You may now kiss the bride’, there was an odd silence for the next few minutes. The guests just waited in silence as they were unsure of what to do. The bride and groom waited patiently and the groom leaned in and finally kissed the bride. The pastor still didn’t realise what he had forgotten though.


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