Top 5 Binge-Worthy Shows You Might Have Missed

Already repeated Breaking Bad a couple of times? Still crying over the fact that there will be no more Parks and Recreation? Or just don’t know where to start in the modern TV-streaming game? We, here at Shareagift, are on hand to help you navigate through the endless digital vault of TV with the top 5 shows to watch that you may have missed.

Broad City


First up is a quirky comedy that follows two best friends; Ilana and Abbi, through everyday life in New York City. As young and fun loving early twenty-somethings, they are tested by the very real struggles of getting through the day without a truly horrific catastrophe. Combined with their outrageous personalities and hysterical stunts, Ilana and Abbi are the very best and worst versions of ourselves. Head on over to Hulu or Amazon Prime to binge-watch just 20 episodes so far.

Definitely better than Girls



An American legal thriller; Damages is the deeper, darker and more complex older sister of Suits. It ran for 5 intense seasons between 2007 – 2012. The show toys with timelines and jumps back and forth in time to create extra suspense. The enormous plot-twists will have you on the edge of your seat.

The show focuses, in particular, on the relationship between Patty Hewes and young protegee Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne, well-known for her role on Bridesmaids…); as the show goes on, you see that Ellen’s perception of right and wrong become a little more blurred as the story unfolds (no spoilers).


Sit back, buckle up and let Damages take you on a journey that will have you gripped every step along the way. The whole 59 episodes are on Netflix now!

Silicon Valley


As the name would suggest; this comedy, based in Silicon Valley, follows the journey of a programmer who hits the goldmine with his new app – Pied Piper. Like a lot of start-ups, they face the struggle of beating tough competition and constant efforts by ‘Hooli’ (satirized combination of Google, Facebook and hints of Apple) to buy them out, sink them with reverse engineering and eventually, a heavy law-suit.

The socially-awkward team of developers, complete with their herd leader; bong-toting entrepreneur Erlich Bachman, deal with challenge after challenge with hilarious results.

The one you love to hate: Erlich Bachman


Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)
Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)

Have you already cycled through the list of shows where terrible people do terrible things for fun; from The League to It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia? We’ve got another suggestion for you, Workaholics!


With a fairly similar premises to It’s Always Sunny; a bunch of friends who spend too much time together get up to no good whilst being hilariously stupid, their antics will have you disgusted but also belly-laugh like crazy. Very good for binge-watching hangover days.



This Amazon Original Series follows the journey of Mort, who is slowly transitioning to become Maura (played impeccably by Jeffrey Tambor) and the journeys of self-discovery for him and his family. With brilliant light comic touches, the show also delves into exploration of identity, family and sexuality.

It’s even designed to be watched all in one ‘five-hour movie’ as opposed to 10 half-hour episodes, so you shouldn’t even feel guilty about binge-watching! Catch the show on Amazon Prime now.

Grab your friends and start a streaming account together; whether it’s with Netflix, Amazon or Hulu and get watching! Start a gift page so you can split the monthly cost and watch without any interruptions. It would make a great birthday present for that TV geek in your life. Shareagift with you friends and enjoy watching great shows together!


Author: April Chen

Shareagift Intern

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