Top 5 Youtube Wedding Proposals!

Get ready to ride the emotional roller-coaster of your life with this list of top 5 Youtube wedding proposals…

The 19:57 From Euston

If you’ve ever ridden on the London Underground, you would know that it is certainly not the stomping ground for romance. But, somehow – with the help of the Adam Street Singers, they’ve managed to set the scene for the most lovely proposal.

Spencer’s Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Whilst thinking he was shopping for lights, Dustin’s day was brightened up by a flash mob proposal. I personally love the awkward looking relatives jigging along.

Card Trick Proposal

Here is a magical marriage proposal. He even went to the lengths of convincing her that he wasn’t interested in marriage a few nights before the occasion!

Childhood Love

A beautiful proposal made special by the fact that these lovebirds have known each other since they were 10! Try not to cry…

Plot Twist Proposal

Finally… I won’t ruin the surprise…

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Author: April Chen

Shareagift Intern

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