7 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

We’ve all been a little tight for money, perhaps needing another job to cope with the financial demands of everyday life. But look at the lengths that these celebrities have gone to get that little bit of extra cash on the side. Here are our top 10 weirdest celebrity endorsements! They range from being a little bit awkward to the down-right bizarre…

7. 50 Cent On QVC

To kick off the list we have 50 Cent who has been in the headlines recently for his financial woes. In the toughest times he starred in this rather uncomfortable promotion of his self-branded headphones (perhaps trying to follow in the foot steps of Dr Dre) on QVC. QVC is a shopping channel that is usually aimed at middle-aged women, mothers and a rather different demographic to 50 Cent’s following. Which is why it was a little bizarre when he appeared on the channel looking a little coy and joking (slightly uncomfortably) along with the presenter!

6. Ozzy Osbourn Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

In 2006, well-known British Rockstar, Ozzy Osbourn starred in this hilarious ad for a butter-substitute company ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’. At Shareagift we love to see famous rockstars chilling out at home making fairy cakes.

5. Johnny Rotten Loves Great Butter

British rockstars just seem to love butter! Here we see Johnny Rotten, well-known for his anarchist shenanigans with the revolutionary punk band Sex Pistols, promote nothing other than good ol’ British butter. This is really ‘cream’ of the crop!

4. Andrew WK And His Fresh N Sexy Wipes

Andrew WK Looking Fresh N Sexy
Andrew WK Looking Fresh N Sexy

Next up: Andrew WK promoting what can only be described as ‘Sanitary Wipes’ (slightly NSFW). Andrew is mostly well known for his hardcore partying ways and his hit single ‘Party Hard’ which has over 8 million views on Youtube. If you give the video a watch, you’ll understand the irony of his endorsement of the product ‘Fresh N Sexy’… Just take a moment to enjoy the hilarity of his campaign photos.

Getting Close And Personal
Getting Close And Personal

3. Ronaldo Snacks On Finger Lickin’ Chicken

Professional athletes usually have pretty intense training and diet regimes but we wouldn’t usually associate the 780 calorie (per serving) chicken dish as a casual post-game snack. Although Ronaldo would like to lead you to believe otherwise…

2. Ronaldo Likes A Toned Face

Another one from the three-time Ballon d’Or winner is this facial exercise ‘aid’. For those trying to tighten up those chubby cheeks (after a few family buckets at KFC), a quick bounce with the MTG product will help you on your way to looking chiseled and perfectly sculpted. And you won’t even look stupid whilst doing it.

Cristiano discovering the meaning of lifte when gazing into the beauty device

1. David Beckham Loves To Shareagift

Disclaimer: this is not a real ad and David Beckham does not endorse Shareagift or is in anyway associated, just in case you didn't get it
Disclaimer: this is not a real ad. David Beckham is in no way related to Shareagift

Last of all, WOAH WHAT, is that really THE David Beckham? Endorsing none other than Shareagift. Share moments with friends by setting up a group fund to collect money online!

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Author: April Chen

Shareagift Intern

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