Shareagift is not just for gifts!

YES! Newsflash: Shareagift is not only for traditional gifting occasions like birthdays and weddings and Christmas… It’s not even only for gifts in fact. Fact. Let’s elaborate…

When we launched Shareagift back in 2011 we originally designed it for group gifts. And while it’s true that the majority of people have used it for birthdays, we’ve also been amazed and delighted by the interesting and original ways people have used it to collect funds for other things – for everything from throwing a surprise party to fighting cancer.

So here are our top five other ways to use Shareagift:

  1. Funding Medical Treatment
  2. Group gifts for Baby Showers
  3. Teachers’ Class Gifts
  4. Collecting funds for a Party or Event
  5. Just helping a friend in need

So what are you waiting for?! There’s a zillion and 1 ways to use Shareagift to bring a smile to someone’s face – so do it today! (and not just because we want you to use our lovely site… but we do, so go on – dare you 😉

Collect Money with Friends

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