2012 Black Friday Infographic

Last week we wrote a little bit about some of the astonishing Black Friday and Cyber Monday statistics from 2011, wondering how things would tally up in 2012. As this year’s reports are starting to drift in it’s clear this annual period of shopping frenzy is set to continue breaking records, and this morning we came across this great infographic from Visual.ly that we thought we’d share with you.
ComScore’s official report is due to come out next week which will show us  where we really put our cash on the year’s busiest shopping weekend, but in the meantime here are a few figures from IBM and Adobe already in to whet your appetite:
  • We were reaching for our credit cards even earlier this year with a increase in e-commerce sales of over 17% on Thanksgiving Day itself
  • The same IBM report showed their online sales for Black Friday sales up 20%
  • Adobe systems on Cyber Monday were just shy of $2 billion – up 17% on 2011
  • Traffic to retail sites on Cyber Monday from smartphones or tablets increased a massive 70% compared to 2011, and accounted for 13% of sales (data taken from retail clients of IBM)

Black Friday Shopping Frenzy: Ever Rising


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