2 yr-old Jack’s £600k Life-Saving Gift Page

This story’s both incredibly touching and heart-wrenching.

This little golden-haired ray of sunshine is Jack.  He’s 2 years old and suffers from Sanfilippo disease, a horrible condition that gradually destroys brain and physical functions leading to death in childhood.  There is a treatment for the disease but it can’t be made available in the UK until it has been clinically trialed.  This costs nearly £600,000.

A few weeks ago Jack’s family, with the help of the MPS Society charity, set up a Gift Page for Jack www.shareagift.com/jack.  Within days Jack’s story had gone viral and was being picked up by press all over his home region in the northeast as well as online.

The public outpouring of support has been absolutely amazing.  Jack’s page has already collected over £4,000 from hundreds of donations and received heartfelt messages of love and support from all sorts of people, most of whom are total strangers, members of the public touched by his story, all over the UK.

The success of Jack’s page has lead to more families coming forward to start their own Gift Pages, with all of the proceeds going towards the MPS Society to fund the clinical trials they so desperately need.  4 year old Ella and 5 year old Bobby and their families have now also set up Gift Pages help attract public support in their local areas.  Families have posted videos on YouTube linking to their Gift Page, and asking people to post the link to Twitter and their Facebook Walls to help spread the word.  And it’s working.

£600,000 is a lot of money, but all the resources available online, spreading the word about great causes has never been easier.  For our part, we’re just so pleased to play a small part in this – providing a service to let members of the public make their own contribution, however big or small – to help these children they’ve never met and potentially save their lives.

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