Shareagift for your online retail business

We know it’s the end of August. We know the Olympics just hit us all hard. We know sales are slow. What’s the great thing about September though? It’s only a few months till Christmas!

What’s the good thing about Christmas? Besides all the food, friends, family and gifts, online sales are at their annual peak. The had to say this:

“British shoppers spent a total of £7.9bn online in

December, a 16.5pc increase compared with the 2010

Christmas period.”

What percentage of annual sales do the holidays represent for retailers? For some online shops, the holiday season can represent anywhere between 25-40% of annual sales.

As an online retailer, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all this. Well, I’m going to let you know. Shareagift offers a plugin widget that allows you to offer your customers the option to purchase your products, services, experience days, travel arrangements and whatever else you offer, as group purchased gifts.

Customers simply click “start group gift” and then can create a gift page through the Shareagift service that allows them to share your products and your brand with their friends and families across their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) as well as email contacts. When they raise the money for your product, they simply collect it and purchase it from you. Sounds simple right? Well that’s because it is.

Here’s a link to a gift page that has successfully raised the full amount.

What our group gifting widget can offer to your online business is several major advantages:

1.  It helps to drive sales of your higher ticket price items

2.  It spreads your brand and products across your customer’s social networks (Gift Pages are shared with an average of 10 friends)

3.  Allows you to convert abandoned baskets into group sales

4.  Monetize your customer’s wish lists

So what are you waiting for? Email for more details, and to get started. Visit to see how it works for yourself as well. Let us help you get your sales back on track, and while you’re at it, help your customers get what they really want for the holiday season this year.

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