How to Shareagift for Weddings

Hello August. Hello prime time wedding season, and if you’re as disorganised as me you never get round to buying the wedding gift until the very last  minute when everything on the list has gone and you’re left facing a £200 bedsheet or $5 egg cup – both equally unappealing.

Well fear not, we have the antidote. We’ve had some great examples of people using Sharegift to group gift for weddings – for everything from collecting funds for a hen party and organising a stag night, through to group wedding presents and honeymoon funds.  Here’s just a couple of handy hints:

How to use Shareagift as the Bride & Groom

  • Create a Gift Page for those more original or expensive gifts you really want but can’t put on your gift list
  • Create a Gift Page for your Honeymoon Fund and ask friends to contribute towards the trip of your dreams
  • Print the Gift Page url in your invitations – each Gift Page has a unique url with your page title so you can include in your invitations to ask guests to contribute

How to use Shareagift for Guests

  • Buying from the Gift List – You can create a Gift Page on Shareagift to collect the money for ANY gift from ANY gift list. If you want to buy one of the more expensive items from the list, why not invite a couple of friends to pitch in with you and split the cost.  Create a Gift Page on Shareagift with the details, send it to your friends to chip in then collect the cash yourself and buy the gift from all of you.  Note, you might want to reserve the gift while you collect the money in case someone else snaps it up!
  • Buying off-list – Sometimes it’s nice to get really close friends you know really well something original, and not another set of dinner plates or a toaster.  If there’s something you know they’ll love but couldn’t put on their gift list, you can create a Gift Page to collect the cash with friends and share the cost to afford that really amazing gift they’ll always treasure.

How to use Shareagift for the Hen or Stag!

Collecting money for a stag or hen – wether it’s a raucous night out on the town or a civilised weekend at a spa can be a total nightmare. We’ve had some great feedback from people using Shareagift to help:

  • Collect the cash from everyone in one place
  • Keep track of who’s paid and how much
  • Keep everyone updated with what the plans are on the Comments Wall

So there we have it – the complete Shareagift contribution to wedding season!  We hope it’s helpful in getting those happy couples the gifts they really want – and keeping those egg cups back on the shelf where they belong ;-).

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