New Feature! Social Sharing Bar

“Post it, Pin it, Tweet it”

Phase 2 in our quest to become the most social system for group funding online

First we announced the addition of the Comments Wall to the Gift Page – allowing friends to open a discussion around the Group Gift or Group Fund as well as leave a contribution message.  Now we’ve added an all-singing, all-dancing social sharing bar to the top of each Gift Page, to make it ultra easy to share pages with your friends and group fund more effectively.

You can still keep your page a secret – maybe it’s a surprise for the birthday boy or girl, but if you do want to share it easily amongst your friends and followers, say to collect money for a good cause or fundraise for a charity, this just makes things quick and easy to get the word out.

Things the social sharing bar is brilliant for:

  1. Public Fundraising
  2. Getting your friends to spread the word
  3. Telling your followers how they can help a good cause
  4. Pinning your Gift Page to get even wider coverage

Now the only thing missing from this cool bar is an ice cold beer and packet of peanuts 😉

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