Friends raise £6k to help cancer patient go on holiday of a lifetime

This is probably the most touching story we’ve had to date on Shareagift.

A group of friends from a UK company have raised nearly £6,000 to give a much loved colleague recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, the holiday of a lifetime to share with his family.

Eamonn was very sadly diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a terminal form of lung cancer associated with asbestos, earlier this year and given a matter of months to live.  So in a really beautiful gesture, his friends and colleagues at Environmental Business Products created a Gift Page on to raise money for he and his family to go on a holiday they’d always dreamed of.

Eamonn’s Gift Page has seen over 83 of his friends and colleagues come together from all corners of the globe to contribute, leaving heartfelt messages of love and hope, as well as wonderful suggestions for where they might like to go and what they might like to do with the fund.

Suggestions have ranged from tango lessons in Buenos Aires, to cage-diving in South Africa or seeking out the infamous Lock Ness Monster in Scotland!  And although Eamonn suggested he may prefer a romantic trip on the Orient Express with his wife, Sarah, hopefully there will be enough for a few days away with their two children as well!

For us at Shareagift this has been an incredibly heartwarming example of people using our site in ways we’d never even dreamed of. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to Eamonn’s page, the outpouring of love and cherished memories and messages has just been phenomenal. From all of us here we wish him and his family all the best and hope they have a perfect time away together, wherever they choose to go.

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