Shareagift Team Thank You For Your Feedback

One of the things that’s really important to us is staying in close contact with our users, asking for their feedback and using it to make sure our system works as best as it possibly can. That means we invite criticism as well – always trying to turn it into something positive and correcting our mistakes.

Last week we heard from Sam, who kindly gave us some really encouraging feedback comparing Shareagift to our competitors.  Sam was orginally trying to organise a group gift using eBay, but switched to use Shareagift finding it a better system. We wrote to Sam to ask for his feedback and he told us, “eBay’s Group Gift was too buggy, we had to keep updating the gift, then people had to login twice.  It was such a hassle and people were getting fed up”.

We’re a small team here at Shareagift so this is one of the most encouraging compliments you can pay us. Going up against huge players in the market, like eBay, can be a daunting challenge and it’s a huge encouragement for us when we hear from our users that we’re getting it right.

But though getting positive feedback is always great, it’s just as important to us, maybe even more important, to listen to any negative comments – to try and make sure we keep improving the system in line with what our users really want. We were recently helping Nicola, who was having some problems with the PayPal aspects of the system, and we asked her if she could spare the time to give us her thoughts. She very kindly sent us some really useful, detailed feedback on the parts of the system she’d like to change – mostly the email notification system – she wanted her friends to have control of this, to be able to opt-out of emails, and to be able to remove an invitee from her original list. These are both now things we are working on and hope to have them live soon in a new release shortly.

These are just two examples, but we wanted to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time over the last few months to let us know what you think, it really does help us enormously – to correct things that could be better, and give us renewed energy to keep working hard when we get some great encouragement that people love what we’re doing.

And on that final note we’ll sign off with our favourite piece of feedback so far – from Jason, who has been brilliant at taking the time to chat with us and made a really touching comment about our team and our service when he said, “You really set the bar high for communication, courtesy and a willingness to go above and beyond. Thank you!”.

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