New Feature! Comments Wall for your Gift Page

So we’ve released a pretty exciting update this week that’s made Gift Pages on the site much more social and interactive.

For anyone who remembers Caden’s story that we wrote about the other week – he set up a Gift Page to get the Lego Death Star for his 7th birthday – and then had the brilliant idea of updating all of his invitees every couple of weeks with funny facts and stories to remind them about his page and encourage them to contribute.

We thought this was such a great idea we wanted to build it into the system. So now we’ve just released a Comments Wall to the Gift Page so that Page Creators can leave updates and anyone else can add their thoughts and comments, as well as their contribution messages.

You can now leave any update or comment you like on your Gift Page wall and all your invitees will get an email letting them know you’ve left a message.  (For those of you who kindly gave us feedback on notifications we’re also working on a control panel to opt-out of all of these which we should have ready for your shortly).

For those eagle-eyed out there you’ll notice little icons and titles with the text that shows you whether it’s a comment or a contribution – the plan is to add a filter to this a bit further down the line so Gift Page Creators can easily extract and print everyones contribution messages to add to a group card for the gift recipient.

So now Caden can leave his hilarious facts and stories on his page rather than having to send out more emails.  His updates to date have been brilliant, he very sweetly sent us some too, so here’s a few below to give you some inspiration of how you can liven up your group gifting process and encourage your friends to join in!  PS we think the answer’s number 4 – who doesn’t love a plumber 😉

Can you pick the true Death Star fact?

1. The Death Star has 2,000 toilets. 1 is for Darth Vader. The Emperor has a disco ball in his bathroom. He lights it up with his lightning fingers.

2. The Lego Death Star has 3,800 pieces.

3. Darth Vader keeps an extra air tank in his mask so he can breathe whenever he takes his mask off. And that’s pretty weird because he never really takes his mask off. Except at the end of Return of the Jedi when he looks like Uncle Louie.

 4. When the first Death Star blew up, the cleaning crew went first because the washing machine was broken and they needed a plumber. By the way, have you seen the Funniest Home Videos on the TV in Darth Vader’s bathroom?

 5. Every Friday is Sloppy Joe day at the Death Star cafeteria, ‘Chez Palpetine.’

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