How to gift on a budget, by Caden aged 7!

This is brilliant.

Meet Caden.  He’s about to turn 7.  
And he desperately wants the Star Wars Lego Death Star for his birthday gift. But this awesome toy is priced at a cool $400 (yep, cue sharp intake of breath and slow whistle), and who’s got a spare few hundred bucks to spend on a seven year old?  Sadly not many of us.

So Caden, in a stroke of genius, created a Gift Page for himself on Now, we have a sneaking suspicion he may have had some help with the text on this 😉 but even so we think it’s brilliant.

Caden worked out that if each of his family members save $0.30 a day til his birthday, they could each pitch in $25, and together afford to buy him his dream gift. So far he’s collected $155 and counting – go Caden!

In another lovely touch to coax along contributions he presented a brilliant argument for all the great things he’d learn as a result of his family’s contributions, namely:

– Patience
– How to build something following instructions
– The story of Star Wars
– Design & architecture
– Improved hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity
– Sharing (with my brothers and you)

And what’s MORE, he then added a sweetner – in the form of update emails for his generous benefactors with funny anecdotes and facts about the Death Star – and later on pictures of him playing with it. Brilliant kid, brilliant.

In fact, we’ve decided this is such a great idea, we’re actually developing some new features in the Shareagift system to let everybody do this! So watch this space people, updates courtesy of Caden coming soon :-).

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