Emma our Wing Walking Dare Devil!

Ever wanted to do something kerrrazy – CAPS locked, underlined bonkers mad, for your birthday but haven’t had the chance? Well, here is one young lady who showed us how it’s done…

Meet Emma. Emma works as an office manager in an IT company in London, and this year would be marking her 40th birthday.  Now, years ago Emma saw an advert for the British butter company, Utterly Butterly, that showed a bunch of crazy dare devils doing tricks in formation walking on the wings of five 1940’s Boeing Stearman biplanes (check out the video below). And ever since then she’d always dreamed of having a go hersefl.

Yep, we know what you’re thinking, she MUST be mad – but it turns out 40 is the new 18 I hear, so Emma, having read about Shareagift.com in a magazine, set up a Gift Page for her friends to give her this amazing adventure for her big birthday.  Having seen her Gift Page with delight, we gave her a call to see what it was all about and how she got on.

I’m delighted to report Emma was thrilled with the success of her page.  She raised the full amount she needed, £399 ($645), in super-quick time, and in fact told me the only problem was that by the time some of her friends had gone to the site to contribute the target had already been met!

Emma has now booked her wingwalking trip for 7th September with the brilliant Breitling Wingwalkers at Aerosuperbatics – and has very kindly agreed to let us come down and watch. So hopefully we’ll have some great reports of how she got on to tell you about in a few months time – and maybe even a little video of the crazy cat herself!  Good luck Emma, we look forward to seeing you in September and cheering you on with our feet firmly on the ground ;-).

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