Shareagift is set Free!


Happy days people, we’ve got a sliver of sunshine for a split second here in London to bring you some exciting news: As of this morning is now a free service.

That means no more admin fees from us for contributions – and no VAT for those of you in the UK. The only fee involved now is the standard transaction fee from PayPal when the gift organiser collects the cash (and we’re working our butts off to get that lowered for you too).

It’s taken us a little while to get this right.  You talked to us, and we listened. Over the last few months since our launch we’ve had some great feedback from users – some great, some where we could improve, and however it’s come it’s been invaluable. And one of the things we came across time and again was that people would really love to use the service more but felt reluctant to do so while we asked for an admin fee from contributors. We heard you, and so we’ve put our heads together to work out a revised business model to take out the amin fees and make it free.

A couple of really nice examples of those of you who fed back to us – special thanks to Kristin, who created a Gift Page for a thank you gift raising $794 with 27 friends from her alumni who made some great comments on the fees. We listened to you Kristin!

“I loved this site and thought it was so easy to use and share with everyone. The only thing I wished was different was the $1 service charge and the PayPal charge for withdrawing. Hopefully, when you guys are out of BETA, that fee can be waved! Thanks again and keep up the great work. I will definitely use your site again”- Kristin

Another shout out goes to Emma, who made some lovely comments about how using our site helped her enjoy her dream gift with her friends. Emma set up a Gift Page for herself to do something she’d always dreamed of – Wing Walking – for her 40th birthday.  She raised £399 and is booking her dare-devil experience this week!

“I would definitely recommend it – it’s just given me exactly what I wanted. Shareagift helped me raise the money, but also meant I could share in the excitement of the experience with all my friends – they all want to come and watch and take photos and be involved! It’s just been fantastic for me” – Emma 

We love doing what we do.  And we love that we can help people do the things they’ve always dreamed of.  Our intention is to continually make this an easier and better experience for all our users and that’s what today’s move is all about.  So please use our service, tell us what you think, we promise to keep listening and keep trying to make it better.

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