Group Gifting Trends

When we started researching the business case for we were struck by just how little statistical data there is on group gifting trends. I guess this should come as little surprise as group gifting itself is a relatively new trend, albeit rapidly increasing in popularity.

For this reason we’ve been intensely curious to see what our own user analysis would indicate.  As we’re nearing the 6-month mark since our launch back in September last year we thought it would be an interesting juncture to share some of our findings. So here’s a bit of a Shareagift stat attack for your interest:

Most popular gift:  iPad or laptop computer, 32% combined

Most popular occasion:  Birthday, 40%

Most used currency:  US Dollar, 67% (UK Sterling, 30%; Euro, 3%)

Average number of contributors per group gift:  8

Most amount raised by one single page:  £4,677 for a ‘Holiday of a lifetime’

Most amount raised by a US $ Gift Page:  $807.80 for a Funeral

Weirdest gift bought so far (in our opinion):  Lemur Feeding Experience

And finally, we put together a little a pie chart to give an indication of the range of other gifts bought using – cause everyone loves a pie chart… enjoy!

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