Shareagift Chipping in for UK MPs

If you’ve had an eye on the UK press this week you might have stumbled across a deliciously daft story about UK politicians complaining about the catering in the Houses of Parliament.

Chief among the culinary offenders were dry fishcakes, tough thick cut salami and, heaven forbid, badly arranged chips (that’s French fries for our American audience). Now that the British press have caught wind of our esteemed representatives catering complaints, they’ve done what they do best and really gone to town on the absurdity of the situation.

A delightful quip from Tom McTague in the Daily Mirror highlighted, “One person said their boiled egg had been cut into “THREE quarters – no sign of the fourth” while a potato fan said: “The bucket of chips, while attractive to some and no doubt trendy, makes for soggy chips. The tower arrangement is better.” (

Now, by a curious chance, I have actually had the pleasure of dining in the House of Commons once before, and I can tell you first hand, the food is excellent. But being the charming bunch we are at Shareagift, we thought, well who are we to deny our leaders their all important chip towers?  So we decided to help them out.

Yesterday we created a Gift Page to help MPs ‘chip in’ and collect the money themselves for their own improved potato preferences – and promptly sent it to a bunch of our favourite high profile MPs. There’s been a conspicuous lack of contributions to date – but we’ll keep you posted! 😉

If you’d like to make a contribution towards Chip Towers for All UK MP’s please visit

No potatoes were harmed in the making of this Gift Page.

Shareagift alleviate Chip Crisis in the Commons

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