Cash or Cashmere for Christmas?

So, we did a little test run last week and asked a few of the girls out there what gift they actually really want this Christmas? If our first three responses are anything to go by it seems the answer to that it – cash, cash and cashmere!

What DO us girls really want?  It’s that age-old adage that boyfriends, brothers, fathers and grandfathers have been baffled over for years now.  Personally I think we’ve cleared that up nicely – the answer is cut and dried – we just want what we want. No easy way out, no simple solutions, I’m afraid guys – you’re just either gonna have to ask us (and be prepared for the cashmere pricetag) – or cut yourselves some slack, slip your lady some cash and let us buy our gifts ourselves!

Just thinking about it I’d say that was a win-win all round. Problem solved. Phew. You’re welcome boys, glad to have sorted that out for you. Our invoice is in the post.

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