Not enough white boards

Wowzers.  We have no less than four, massive white boards in the office, and there isn’t a single shred of space on any of them.

This has been such a monster brainstorming week I don’t think there’s any brains left between us.  It’s been really exciting, but crikey – at the end of every day it seems we’ve turned this whole thing a full 360 once again and come at it from a brand spanking new angle yet again.  (NB just had a quick conflab with Hose about whether or not I can use the phrase ‘brand spanking new’ on our blog. He approved the move).

There is such a seat-wriggling excitement about the office at the moment – I think Hose started it all off with his Eureka! moment.  It was actually more like a series of them – what I like to call ‘Eureek on repeat’.  Since then everyone’s been on fire.  We’ve had some awesome revelations about how to work Shareagift on Facebook and some wicked viral ideas off the back of it.  We’re gonna have a bash at making a couple next week I reckon so watch this space.

Now we’ve got some massive Facebook plans, some awesome viral ideas, a video to make, a widget to build, oh, and did I mention, a site to beautify.  The only thing we don’t seem to have, is time.  So if someone out there could just slot us a few extra hours in every day – ping us an app for an extra set of arms each, that would be just swell.

In the meantime, here’s a nice little snapshot of probably the greatest single area of white space in the entire office… enjoy!

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