Original gift ideas – Life Coaching

We’ve come across a whole host of exciting and interesting gift ideas here at Gifting HQ, but recently we came across some gifters buying really original gifts in the form of life coaching!  I think we all agree we could do with a bit of a leg up in the life skills department, and last week we had the pleasure of stumbling across Carole Ann Rice, one of the UK’s leading life coaches.

She surprised us by telling us she often has people gifting her life coaching sessions to friends and relatives who just need a little bit of help – so we invited her to tell us a little more about how you and your friends could give someone the gift of life!  Over to you Carole Ann…

“There are some really caring people out there who want the very best for partners, family and friends and buy coaching packages for their loved ones to help them move on in their lives.  We all hit a crossroads at some point… but coaching isn’t just for the crunch stuff it can be so powerful in helping people write that book, develop a business idea, gain confidence or get more out of life. A gifted coaching package can change someone’s life for the better. It’s memorable, it’s inspirational and in some cases, it’s been known to blow socks off too!”

So there you have it – we’re preparing to blow our socks off over here at Gifting HQ as well as we move towards the holiday season, so watch this space, we hope to have some more cool stuff to tell you about before too long… 

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