National Wedding Show

“I’m getting married in the morning…. just get me to the church on time’, so the old adage goes – ‘oh, and could you also just get me that new cooker – and that linen set – and the perfect wedding day – and a glorious honeymoon…’?

We all know weddings can be expensive these days – so we thought, why not let your friends help.  Since launching Shareagift, one of the areas we’ve had a great response from has been people wanting to use the site for weddings.  We’ve had loads of interest from both groups of friends clubbing together to buy a more expensive gift, and for couples asking their friends to contribute towards an element of the wedding – like the honeymoon, the band or the dress for example – what better way to help you have the perfect day!

So, taking this on board, the Shareagift Team upped sticks from the office last week and headed down to Earl’s Court, London, to the National Wedding Show to go meet some brides-to-be and introduce them to the site.  We had some flyers made – ‘Keep Calm and Marry On’ (there’s nothing like a bit of tongue in cheek to raise a smile!) and created a unique landing page – just for couples to help them get the gift they really want.

I have to say it was an exhausting day!  I think we must have met and chatted to circa 500 brides-to-be – and their mums, and their bridesmaids, and the odd unsuspecting groom (looking deeply alarmed to be surrounded by such a visual assault of satin, veiling and glitter).  But it was all worth it – the response we had was overwhelming.  Everyone loved the ‘Keep Calm’ flyers – I don’t think there was a single handout that didn’t get a smile – and the people we had a chance to chat to in more detail about the site loved the idea and many hoped to use it for their own wedding.

So for any brides and grooms-to-be out there, please take a look – we’d love to help you have the perfect day – and you never know, maybe it’s the bridal car that your friends help you pay for – then we really can get you to the church on time!

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