Share a doughnut day!

Phew, seems like a while since I’ve updated on here – and since the last post it seems a million things have happened.  The gifting angels have been back on the streets of sunny London – this time with the students of Queen Mary’s University of London, celebrating their freshers week and enjoying some delicious mini chocolate doughnuts on us!

Doughnuts for the freshers at Queen Mary's University

From there we took our treats to the hard working city folk around St. Pauls – injecting a well-earned bit of sugar into their Thursday afternoons.  We were thrilled with the responses we got all round – and many thanks to all those who took their time out to tweet and post to our facebook to thank us – all helps us get the word out about Shareagift so we really appreciate your support.

Until next time then, this is one gifting angel, full of doughy goodness, signing off for a run in the park (or more likely a sunny evening sit-down and a cup of tea).

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