Shareagift says ‘Hello world!’

Wow, what a week!  So Shareagift is finally out there in the public domain – and we couldn’t be more delighted from the reaction that we’ve received.  We had a great write-up from Kit Eaton at Fast Company on the launch which we were thrilled with, had some great feedback from our first ever users, then yesterday hit the streets of London armed with a few hundred cupcakes to introduce the site to the friendly folk around Regent’s Street and Soho on a sunny Friday afternoon.

I have to say, the response we’ve had has been overwhelmingly lovely.  People have been so supportive, love the idea, want to start using it and have been kind enough to tweet and post to their Facebook and generally spread the message around all of their friends.  So if you were one of those lovely people we met yesterday – from the offices of Tatler, to the London Ambulance bike response team, to Sammy and Juno and the girls in Soho Square, to all the construction workers outside the Barclays building – thank you so much for all your tweets and shout-outs and support.

And, to end off a really exciting week, yesterday, day 2 of Shareagift’s short lifespan, we had our very first gift being bought using the site!  And it couldn’t have been a more perfect example for us – a lovely family in the US using the site to buy an iPad 2 for Mom – and the very first contribution made towards it over $100.  Hope you reach your target soon guys, we’re absolutely sure your mom’s gonna love your gift, so pleased we could be a part of making that happen.

So a really huge week for myself and the team, and we’re all really excited about what’s to come.  So we hope you enjoy the site – we’d love to get your feedback whenever you have a moment so please get in touch –  Look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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