– The Launch!

I am so excited I can’t actually sit still (staying here long enough to write this blog post could be a real challenge)… After 11 long hard months of brainstorming, design, development, testing, new ideas, new design, new development, more design, more dev, more testing, more testing, more testing… the day is finally here that we launch Shareagift into the public domain.

Just over a year ago, our CEO, Justine, had an idea – to create a website where people could go to collect money together to buy really fantastic gifts for their friends.  Today, we have a service that does this.  We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and now we want to get it out there and start making it even better.  As our wisened CTO, Jon, said this afternoon while we indulged in a moments celebration with a glass of bubbly, “Building software is never a destination, it’s a journey”.  And I can tell you this, so far this one’s been an absolutely amazing ride.

Of course it’s true that every time one of us looks at the site we see things we want to change,  improvements we want to make, new ideas we want to include – that’s the nature of the beast – and a reflection on the ambitious, positive, energetic attitude of our team. But just for today, we’re taking a moment to feel proud of how far we’ve come, in such a comparatively short amount of time.

So I hope you, the reader, will take a moment to go to Shareagift, to begin using it, and to let us know what you think.  Our next goal is to get as much real user feedback as possible so we can start making it even better.  Please send us your thoughts and feedback to – we’d love to hear from you.

Just for now then, as the last of the bubbles dissappear in the bottom of my glass, I’d just like to say a huge shout out to the Shareagift Team – each one of whom has worked beyond tirelessly to get us this far.  There have been long days, late nights, furrowed brows and grey-hair inducing worries for as long as I can remember, but we did it. And I think you all deserve a moment to stand up tall, smile, and feel incredibly proud of yourselves. So I dedicate this blog post to you guys- our fantastic team – it’s an absolute pleasure to work with you all, and I can’t wait to start again tomorrow morning and face the next set of challenges to come.

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