Shareagift Sugar, Snaps and Cupcakes!

The last few weeks have been pretty much non-stop for the Shareagift Team as we inch tantalisingly close to our launch date.  So yesterday provided a bit of welcome light relief in the form of a photo session to capture our CEO, Justine, representing the Shareagift brand, to respond to media interest in the company.

Light relief also came in the form of a VERY well-received batch of half a dozen cupcakes, courtesy of Justine (she has an uncanny way of knowing just when to deliver a delicious dose of sugar) .  Not quite of her own fair hand I might add, but then we are lucky enough to work just down the road from the Primrose Bakery – which produces, without doubt, one some of the best cupcakes in the whole of London.

So the morning, for Becs, Alex and myself was spent wrapping gifts, of varying sizes in a dazzling array of wrapping paper and ribbon – like birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.  Justine then spent the afternoon very patiently being shepherded around for snaps here and there, surrounded by our hand-wrapped gift assortment. As a result the office is now littered with tempting looking, beautifully-wrapped gifts and bags and goodies – all just dying to be ripped into in delight.

A sunny day for all – particularly for a happy team indulging in their cupcakes. A brief distressing interlude for of Becs who, upon receiving the news that a team snap would be taken at the end of the day, fell into a flat panic about the state of her hair / clothes / makeup etc, and wasn’t so over the moon at the result!  We think you look beautiful though Becs, so don’t you worry – and no, I’m afraid I can’t resist popping the resulting photos up here on this post.

So now for us it’s back to the last few days of testing – battling equal nerves and excitement – and final preparations for the launch day next week.  Please wish us luck – we really hope you enjoy the results!

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