Shareagift B-Roll Filmshoot

We love a challenge here at Gifting HQ, so, on possibly the hottest day of the year so far we enlisted the help of film director, Will Garthwaite, to document a little snapshot of daily life at  Our vision was to create a 2 minute b-roll to give a little insight to the team, our offices and most importantly demonstrate that sun can in fact shine in London too!

To start off with we took a quick stroll to the top of Primrose Hill and began shooting with a great panoramic view of London. On her first trip over from our Californian office, our American colleague, Adrita, totally fell in love with Primrose Hill (I think she now believes all of London looks like this!).  If you’ve ever had the pleasure, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s one of the best views of London, and we all feel hugely lucky to work in such a lovely part of the city.

Primrose Hill

After this great spot of urban safari, including important discussions regarding the exact location of Regent’s Park aviary (in the centre of the photo above), we headed back to Shareagift HQ to shoot in the office.

Met by a decidedly hotter and stickier team, Will began to set up a mind-boggling array of snazzy equipment in the office to shoot the team hard at work. Appearances quickly became the chief concern for the gifters and, upon analysis of our ‘glowing’ situation, thoughts turned to hair and make up. A quick spruce for the team backstage and we were good to go!

Shooting in Gifting HQ

Finally, after our 15 minutes of filmstar fame, the team contentedly returned to beloved computer screens for the final push towards our Private Beta site. All credit to Will and his team who wrapped it all up in one afternoon.  We’re absolutely delighted with the end results and hope you enjoy them too when we get them up on the site.

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