Alpha Launch

Huge excitements here this week at Shareagift HQ as we finally delivered the alpha site.  Our all-singing, all-dancing development team have been busting a gut working late into the night for what seems like forever to get it ready on time according to plan and we were finally let lose for our first stab at in-house testing on Tuesday morning.

We’ve still got some way to go – testing and bug-fixing are the order of the day now – but it looks great and we’re all starting to get hugely excited about launching it to the wider world.  This is all a brand new experience for me, so it’s exciting to learn about all this stuff on the way.  I’m lucky I’m surrounded by a hugely experienced team who really know what they’re doing.

The alpha release, if you’re not so tech savvy (as I certainly wasn’t this time last year), is essentially the first delivery of the site in its entirety – with all essential elements and functionality in place – ready to be tested.  This phase is all about repeatedly going through the system in-house, logging any issues and ironing out the kinks and creases so to speak.  It’s a painfully busy time for the development team whose job it is to fix all those niggling little details before we can move to private beta, but they’re a fantastic team and working they’re socks off to get it right – the improvements already even this far are astonishing.

More of this progress to follow as we work through in due course, but for now suffice to say we have a lot of work to do – so I best get back to it.

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