Shareagift Photoshoot

They say in the biz you should never work with children or animals.  I gather chaos is the likely outcome.

This week we took chaotic to the next level as we invited no less than 14 under five year olds for the first ever Shareagift photoshoot! We really wanted to get some great, original photography for the website – to really told the story of Shareagift and how it works for real people.  We asked our CTO’s charming wife Jo to help us.  She has two gorgeous little girls and very kindly invited a bunch of their friends to her home in London so we could throw them a party and take some snaps.

The concept:  A children’s party, using Shareagift to get a new bike for the birthday girl.  We’ve had so many parents tell us, on hearing about the Shareagift project, how great it would be for their kids’ birthdays.  All of them had found themselves being left with dozens of cheap plastic toys at the end of their kids’ parties – most of which were played with for ten minutes then left to clutter up their homes or be thrown out.  They all absolutely loved the idea of asking the other mums to donate towards a Shareagift page instead to get their child a gift that would really be treasured.

So on Thursday afternoon we threw a full on children’s party.  It was brilliant!  Balloons, party hats, cake, cookies, candles, pass the parcel – the absolute works.  We had the cameras and lighting set up inside and out and we got some great shots.  It was an absolutely exhausting afternoon (I don’t know how you mums do it!), but the kids loved it, we loved it, and we’re delighted with the results.  A few of the snaps included here – the rest you’ll see on the site!  We hope you like them too.

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