Sharing the love for The Engineer

Here at ShareAGift HQ in Primrose Hill we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the nicest shops, restaurants and pubs in London.  The real beauty about this part of town is that most of the local businesses are one of a kind – really great, high quality operations run by passionate owners and families and not by big corporate businesses just trying to make a quick buck.

So it was that we were devastated last week to learn about one of our favourite local pubs, The Engineer, being muscled out by its landlords to make way for another identikit chain instead.  The Engineer, being much beloved by locals and newcomers alike, thankfully has decided not to go down without a fight.  They’ve launched a campaign to save the pub, with a bunch of local celebrity endorsements including Harry Enfield, Lisa Snowdon, Christoper Higgins, Alexander Armstrong and X-Factor host, Dermot O’leary.

Yesterday they held a rally of sorts for everyone wanting to show their support and get behind the campaign.  The ShareAGift team all headed down to join in – treated along the way by delicious cappuccino’s and bacon sarnie’s courtesy of The Engineer’s manager, Ed Francis.  It was a fantastic turn-out from regulars, families, friends, children, dogs and even a famous face or two thrown in.  We were thrilled to be a part of it and to show our support for such a great team and such a legendary pub.

The Engineer Team with Christopher Biggins and Lisa Snowdon

If you’d like to support The Engineer please sign the petition at and hopefully we’ll catch you down there for a pint or two for many more years to come.


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