Shareagift User Testing

At last, the moment of truth… ShareAGift Senior Graphic Designer, Jose, with his heart in his mouth, moderated our first user-test at the end of last week, the first time the site’s been tested in front of a brand new user.

Our massive thanks go out to Chris, who very kindly stepped up as our first official guinea pig.  The testing all went smoothly – no dramatic intakes of breath from our team (Jon and Jose could visibly relax!).  We used some great usability testing software – Silverback ( – which recorded all of Chris’s screen activity as well as visual and sound recording, great stuff – and we sent it round the whole team afterwards so Justine could even watch it back from Monaco.

We made some really interesting discoveries – in the immortal words of a journalist mentor of mine, it needs to be ‘quicker, slicker, shorter’ – the ShareAGift homepage is about to go on a crash diet!

Once he got into the system it worked beautifully.  And with this first round of feedback we can set about making the UX even better.  Some tweaks for our dev team before the next round of testing and a couple of key elements still to integrate but all in all we were delighted and can’t wait to get our next willing guinea pig in tomorrow for another slice of insight.

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