A Right Royal Gifting

The King of Condoms

Unless you’ve been hiding under a pile of freshly printed Union Jacks for the last month, you may have noticed that wedding fever has positively gripped the nation.  You absolutely cannot move in Central London these days without being offered such a dizzying array of Royal wedding memorabilia as to make your Oxford Street snow dome look reservedly chic.

Brand Will & Kate has reached its zenith and I for one am enraptured by it.  What other nation in the world would produce such a hilarious assortment of Royal goodies – that beaming image of the happy couple adorning everything you could possibly imagine (and some you couldn’t).  The light gifting opportunities here are endless (and I gather Prince William has already been jokingly gifted a few himself by his RAF buddies).

For those of you still snoozing under those flags – and for our American friends across the pond – let me fill you in on one or two of the more choice items.  So you’ve got your standard selection of mugs, plates and flags; beach towels, aprons, key-rings and the like.  But beyond that, joy of joys, you can stray into some really weird and wonderful territory…

The King of Condoms
The King of Condoms

For your delectation and delight we’ve got Royal Wedding sick bags, Will & Kate Pez dispensers, Royal Romance massage oil, Royal Wedding marmalade, happy couple masks, life-size cut-outs, full size fridge-freezer, ‘Kiss me Kate’ cider, even Will & Kate pizza.  And to top it all off – the regal icing on the cake, the must-have item of 2011, that penthouse of wedding titbits – the ‘Crown Jewels’ commemorative box set of souvenir condoms.  Sheer delight.

So now is the time to gift my friends.  Go forth and spread a bit of Royal love, celebrate with sovereignty, share a gift for the happy couple and that Will & Kate fridge-freezer could be coming soon to a home near you.

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