Hello from Shareagift

So this is officially (or oeufficially, if you’re hungry for breakfast and feeling French) ShareAGift’s first ever blog post!  And it comes to you from a sunny Monday morning in Primrose Hill, London.  One of those rare starts to the week where the sun shines, the bus arrives on time, the guy in the corner shop let’s you off that 10p piece you’ve been scrabbling about for, and all is right with the world.

For the ShareAGift team we’ve got some exciting stuff on the horizon, but first – how rude of me – allow me to make the introductions:

In the Red Corner, weighing in at (some very flattering weight – she is the boss you know) we have Justine – our CEO, founder, sassy entrepreneur, chocolate-loving, Jimmy Choo-wearing, utterly spoiling and known to brings us all to tears laughing in the office – all round blonde bombshell of a boss.

In the Green Corner, weighting in at probably quite a bit since he’s got more techie equipment in his office than IBM, we have Jon – CTO, dev genius and social media guru neatly disguised as a motorbike-riding, trendy-dressing, Soho-House hanging super-cool Daddy to two of the most gorgeous little girls you ever saw.

In the Orange Corner, just cycled through the front door on his sturdy Decathlon (that’s trendy bike to you and me), we have José – our award-winning graphic designer, branding king, coffee connoisseur, perfect Portuguese slice of sunshine and able to re-create the exact mating call of the reclusive ‘Avis Rarus’ bird (which will shock the living daylights out of you on a Monday am I can tell you).

In the Purple Corner, representing the flagship store of the British commonwealth (ok, yes Australia, we do know your country is EPIC but we still love a dig), we have Becs – skilled business analyst, expert negotiator, organiser extraordinaire, the most sensational cook this side of Alice Springs, F1 fanatic and all round good-time girl.

And finally, assuming the Blue Corner, it’s yours truly, Tessa, or Tess if you’d rather – Marketing maiden and Biz Dev damsel (90% without distress), professional light-gifter,  delishybaguette and world expert in the art of ‘Keeping it civ’ (feel free to unravel that bit of bio at your leisure, answers on a postcard please, points* awarded for showing your workings).

*Points mean prizes

So that’s us, give us a bell, if you fancy a chat – we’d love to hear from you.  For now though the coffee’s up, the sun’s shining we’ve got exciting stuff ahead so on that note I’ll toddle off. Until next time then, this is me signing off.  Have an extraordinary day.

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