Fundraising Challenges: Inspirational and Gruelling Charity Challenges

Fundraising comes in many forms and fundraising challenges range from focusing on everyday acts of kindness to downright unusual activities. However, some fundraisers opt for gruelling fundraising challenges that push against the known boundaries of what humans can achieve.  Here are five incredible fundraising examples that are both gruelling and inspirational. 1.    Congenital Amputee climbs [...]

worthy cause

A Very Worthy Cause: Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere….

A certain cricketer, a cyclist and a camera crew walk into an Amazonian bar and the barman says………….. Well now that I have your attention…….. Having arrived home from work I trawled through my digital TV planner and came across a program entitled ‘Flintoff’s Road to Nowhere’. Generally speaking this type of title wouldn’t entice [...]

travel stories

Travel Stories: Five of the Funniest and Most Unique

Tourists always endeavour to bring travel stories home with them, along with their physical mementos.  However, sometimes the travel stories are not always what you would expect! Here are five of the more unique and funny travel stories: 1)   Monkeys Like a Drink The authorities in idyllic St. Kitts advise tourists not to leave drinks [...]


Travel Destinations: Up-and-Coming

As the world opens up even more year-by-year, there exists a growing number of up-and-coming travel destinations dotted around the globe.  These diverse destinations are being uncovered due to the curiosity of travellers and the expanding air travel routes.  Below, we provide five up-and-coming travel destinations that are itching to be explored: 1.    Vilnius, Lithuania [...]